Bounce & Thom Filicia Celebrate the Launch of Bounce Bursts

3 years ago
Bounce & Thom Filicia Celebrate the Launch of Bounce Bursts

Bring the outside in and enjoy the scent of summer all year long with Bounce Bursts. 
-PJ Gach

A bounty of bounce bursts

Bounce knows that we’re stuck inside more than we’d like to admit. Sitting in an office, home or classroom we can see the beauty of the outdoors, but we can’t sniff the flowers or get a whiff of newly cut grass wafting gently on a breeze. We can get antsy, distracted and feel down cooped inside. They’ve created a new product Bounce Bursts. The uplifiting scent will make you feel like it’s summer even in the dead of winter.

Thom filiciaThey partnered with interior designer, author (American Beauty: Renovating and Decorating a Beloved Retreat), TV personality and all around cool guy Thom Filicia to show you how you can bring the outdoors in with scent and design. One of the cool things about Bounce Bursts is that you can drop a few (or a lot) of the Bounce Bursts beads into your wash and the scent will brighten up everything you own. Let’s say you have a throw pillow or fabric scarf or covering in your office. When it seems stuffy and dreary there, gently rub the item that you had tossed in the wash with the Bounce Bursts beads, and voila! The room smells like a sunny day and your mood is uplifted in seconds.

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The Bounce Bursts launch was held in a disused subway station (the top area) in the Bowery. There was greenery everywhere! And it smelled so good; like sunshine and meadows. The scent was the new product. Thom Filicia gave great interior design tips on how to get the outdoor feel inside, of course without leaves, mulch and other things that’ll mess up your floor.

Here’s a quick video of Thom and his tips. This is the first time I’ve used this camera, so I’m asking for forgiveness ahead of time!


 Here are more tips from Thom:

Don’t be afraid of bright colors. By painting your walls with bright colors, the essence and vibrancy of the outdoors can be translated inside. For those who aren’t risk takers, focusing on one accent wall or introducing bright colors through the use of throw pillows or blankets as an easy (and maybe less daunting) way to bring the outdoors indoors.

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Transform your fabrics. By washing your clothes with Bounce Bursts, you will take the outdoor fresh scent with you everywhere you go. You can also add the beads to a dish or vase to transform the scent of your entire laundry room.

Switch up your patterns and layer your materials. Don’t be afraid to be playful with your fabrics, adding floral-inspired patterns and colors, along with a mix of materials, from wood to metal or stone, will help you evoke the feeling of being outside while lounging and even working indoors. You can also wash linens and other washable fabrics with Bounce Bursts for an added Outdoor Fresh Scent.

Blur the lines! There’s really no difference in how you decorate from indoors to outdoors, so don’t be afraid to blur the lines. There are easy, functional and beautiful ways to use outdoor items, such as indoor/outdoor rugs in a kitchen or laundry room, outdoor fabrics in a children’s playroom, or all-weather baskets next to a fireplace or in a living room to hold extra blankets.

Invest in outdoor-inspired artwork. There’s nothing better than looking up at a formerly blank wall to see a piece of artwork that evokes the spirit of the outdoors. A favorite picture from an outdoor adventure, an abstract painting that reminds you of a meadow or a blurred image of a sunset—introducing outdoor-inspired artwork can help  to boost your mood and elevate the look and feel of your indoor space.

Bounce Bursts are $6.99 MSRP, and one bottle can change the way your entire home and office feels, smells and yes, even looks. Visit the Bounce Bursts site to find out where you can grab a bottle for your own.



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