Bold Blues and Greens for your Kitchen Design

5 years ago

Yesterday I mentioned in my 10 design trends for 2013 post (you can find it here), bold and bright colors will be making an impact in our homes.  I specifically mentioned that the blue and green tones will be the go-to colors for this year. Pantone selected two bold colors that are impacting this year's color trends, Emerald (color of the year) and Monaco Blue(top color for spring).

Monaco Blue is a deep serene hue that is exotic and calming at the same time.  It is a great color that would work beautifully in a kitchen.  Imagine this deep hue on your wall and/or island cabinets.


Emerald is a bolder and richer color tone that exudes energy and is just as exquisite like the precious stone.  This color really makes a statement, and little bit can go a long way.


I thought I'd share with you ways to use or introduce these colors into the heart of the home and the space we spend most of our time, the kitchen.


Add color to your walls.  Both the blue and green are perfect colors for a kitchen, evoking a calm energy.  You can do this by the simplistic paint color itself or using a wall covering. 

O Interior Design, photographer Emily Minton Redfield via

Cristin from Simplified Bee, added this fretwork Manual Canovas wallpaper in her kitchen breakfast area.  It gives the area a pop of personality and brightens the space.

Simplified Bee

Another way to bring these colors in your kitchen are by going bold and using them on your kitchen cabinets.  Use them on your wall cabinets and/or island.  The darker hues are great for a kitchen.  If you aren't sure about using these bold colors on all your wall cabinets, I suggest only using the color on your kitchen island, contrasting with your wall cabinet color/finish.  Both looks are beautiful and make a statement.

Miles Redd


You can also be brave,  by using a colorful countertop.  There are quartz countertops with bright, bold colors that will stand out, but if that is too much, select a traditional stone top, such as granite or marble.  There are several options in granite and marble in blues and greens that are much more subdued.  When  selecting the countertop material, whether it's bold or softer, it will need to work with your cabinet and wall color.  If your cabinets are the main focal point, then select a countertop that will softly compliment them, and vice versa for the countertop.  


Fivecat Studio Architecture photo Scott LePage via

Bala Blue by Cambria

Another option of bringing these colors in your kitchen can be through your backsplash.  Using the backsplash for your color is a great way to do so without taking as much risk.  Your backsplash is generally 18-inches tall, just allowing you to bring in a pop of color against a neutral wall color, cabinet, and countertop if you want to play it safe.  You can also use a combination of colors in your backsplash.

Tatami mosaic by New Ravenna Mosaics

Cook Architectural Design Studio via

Custom acanthus kitchen backsplash  by New Ravenna Mosaics

I hope you have enjoyed these great ways to bring color into your kitchen.  If you already have these colors in your kitchen email us a pic, and I will post it on the blog (email:  Also, what do you think of using these great hues in your kitchen?  If you have any questions or thinking about freshening up your kitchen contact me at Vining Design Associates.

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