Blogging Hobbies: Flying Courage, Creating GuerillaArt, Bones in the Garden,Wii Scuba Diving

9 years ago

I spent time this morning reading the wonderful posts that populate "hobbies" in the BlogHer news feed. Posts that are touching, funny and I fear way too often completely overlooked. They shouldn't be. So let me shine my editor's light on some of the remarkable writing on my beat.

Kelly from Donna Mills Diva comes from a family of private pilots. After learning, last week, that her cousin was killed in a flying accident, yet contemplating the warming weather that will allow her to take off in her family's float plane, Kelly asserts I WILL FLY:

I will fly this spring not in spite of the fact that it has the power to scare me, but because it has the power to scare me.

I will fly because when I open the throttle, aim the plane’s nose into the sweet spot and finally lift the machine from its earthy bounds, I’m not just a wife and mother anymore; I’m the girl I used to be. I’m the girl who’s not afraid of anything: the girl who has the confidence and the power to conquer every obstacle – physical, mental or emotional – that is put in her path.

When the ice goes out of the lake this year I will climb into my father’s float plane and embrace whatever washes over me. And if it feels like an obstacle, I will start the engine anyway, secure in the knowledge that it is no match for my experience, my training and my inner strength.

M-C wrote about guerilla creatives who actively share goodness as an expression of their art. She points us to Natalija Create's flower gifting and to the Hope Revolution.

This oh-so-needed inspiration benevolence should be an easy and fun thing to do, and as Christine suggested, you can make the difference in someone's day with simple gestures: using chalks to write on streets, or add little notes to car wiper - whatever how, make it easy for your message to be shared!

Claire Splan who blogs Alameda Garden, reminded us all that we can build stronger bones by gardening.:

What I didn't know until speaking to Barbara and Marty is that gardening is a perfect fit for the kind of exercise our bones need. A recent study showed that women who garden received greater benefits to their bone health than those taking an aerobics or dance class. Barbara advises that exercising for bone health doesn’t have to be intense--you don’t even need to break a sweat. Just about everything we do in the garden--kneeling to pull weeds, pushing a lawn mower, or even just walking around to see what’s blooming--is the kind of weight-bearing exercise that builds better bones.

Finally CB from  never B4 shared a Wii Bit of Diving Heaven::

This week I went to a part of the South Pacific called Manoa Lai to be the scuba diving guide on The Gabbiano, a marine research vessel with shiny teak decks, white sails and get this, 3 penguin pets. I slammed the door on the negative 5 degree temps of Maine and jumped feet-first into coral-filled waters to drift with schools of parrotfish and tangs and the occasional curious dolphin. I explored coral canyons, swam through blue holes and found an ancient medal on the sea floor. The most amazing part about this Never B4 is that I did it all from my couch.

From the article's title, we can figure out how she accomplished this task!

Do you occasionally have a great blog post that needs more "air" than your blog can give it?  Remember we can all blog here in BlogHer.  While the post itself may not make it to the front page, timely pieces (especially if they make us react with pride or a giggle) will be added to the Headlines feed and a comment on a piece will always get it into the comment scroll.  Hope I'll be reading you soon.

Debra Roby blogs her creative life at A Stitch in Time and her mundane life at Deb's Daily Distractions .

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