The Best Ways to Show Off Your Collections

a year ago

We might have a lot of great collections out there for you to show off. From pictures, to even glassware, displaying your collection is something everyone loves to do. But do you know of some of the best ways to do it, whether you have a wall made of faux stone or anything of the like? Well, this post will go over some of the coolest ways to display any collection you have.

For pictures, one way to do it is literally all over a wall. This works in a space that has either a plain sort of color, or even with faux stone. You can literally just hang up your collection on the walls. This isn’t recommended for actual objects, but if you have sentimental collections such as pictures or maybe some mementos from an event in the past, this is a great way to do it.

Then there is color coding. Color coding can be tedious, and it’s not recommended if you’re just using one or two colors, but a variety of colors. This can create a vibrant collection, and if you pair it against a white wall or a faux stone wall, it can really brighten up the way a house looks no matter what it is. 

Wire is another option that you have. A wire fence is typically something that you see outside, but in truth, this can be great for some collections. Hanging it from a wire fence can showcase any sort of collection that can be attached to it. If you were a person who has a track record of winning events such as sports meets or the like, you can display your myriad of ribbons on the wall there for others to see. It’s a simple, yet effective means of actually showing things off.

Then there are antiques. One way to showcase these, since it can be a bit hard to with some homes that have a modern feel, is to put them on shelves on top of an area. For example, let’s say you have a kitchen that is very modern. One way to incorporate these antiques into there is to hang them from high shelves.  These work great to give you extra storage as well, especially if it’s a space that requires it such as in the case of a kitchen, where table linens and the like sit. 

Finally, see if your vintage collection fits into the living room. If you have a vintage painting collection, showcase it there. See how it infuses, and from there, you can determine what to do with it.

When you’re putting together a room of your choice, you can effectively create the best type of scenery possible by displaying your collections. This post went over just how to do it, and how effective it is for a person to engage in this as well for themselves, and for the collection of objects that they possess in their home. 


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