Beazer Homes - Designed to be your dream home but built to fall apart!

8 years ago

I feel like a jerk for telling you my woes on a day when there was so much rain and a few people have lost their homes but I must tell you what I’m going through right now.Let’s talk about the slogan on the Beazer Homes Website: Designed to be your dream home. Built to stay that way. Holy Heck! My dreams must nightmares then!

Six years ago my husband bought a BRAND NEW Beazer home. In those six years we have had SIX major water problems/floods that were the cause of shoddy materials or workmanship. First it was the bathtub debacle. Then it was the washer (came with the house if we purchased by a certain time) overflowing and all of the water from that heading in the exact opposite direction of the drain that was in place for that purpose (un-purposefully tilted or unlevel floor). Did I mention the washer is on the second floor? Then the air conditioner was draining into our kitchen, creeping below the wall from the garage and pushing under our flooring. We thought we fixed it with a blow out of the drain but it still destroyed our flooring. Next, the toilet on the second floor was slowly draining or leaking into the ceiling of our garage (GROSS) and last spring the air conditioning issue continued and we finally had to replace the flooring.

Finally, this summer we thought we had a slab leak because water pushed up through the seams in our newly floored kitchen. It seemed to gush at times! We ruled out a slab leak and found out it was again, the air conditioner.

The HVAC guy came out, looked at the furnace and said that it was not sufficiently insulated. One of the ducts or something (hey, I don’t work with HVAC equipment, I don’t remember the terms) had 50 degree air running through it and it was just out in the open, not insulated. We removed the furnace and behind it there was an issue that we’ll call mildew (for resale purposes) and the duct like thingy was not insulated up into the ceiling which also brought about mildew type growth! Over the past six years the furnace had so much condensation that it would pool on the ground and seep (or in the case of hot days, pour) into the kitchen under the walls and under the flooring, spouting up when we walked on it.

When our furnace was pulled out and apart, it looked so rusty and like it might just crumble into redish-orange colored dust in front of our eyes! Now, in addition to our flooring needing to be replaced (AGAIN!), we need to cut out the dry wall in the garage wall and ceiling and perhaps into the kitchen as well. We’ve never used our homeowners insurance, although I’m sure we could have last year but this year we did call them. They are being very fair but we still have to pay our deductible AND the HVAC guy out of pocket.

I’ve called Beazer Homes to complain about incorrect installation of the furnace but I’m sure they’ll do nothing. Last month when we thought it was slab leak, I had a snarky message in response to my call, reminding me that my home was six years old and waaaay out of warranty. It’s terrible to know that a company that we have given more money to than we can shake a stick at won’t even stand behind its product as long as some electronics companies stand behind their products. I know there are costs and issues involved with becoming a homeowner but let’s get real. We got the lemon of the block. Six water related issues (that we know about) and innumerable issues and shortcuts discovered ever year. There was a cigarette box in our wall for crying out loud!

As beautiful as their high end homes look in the publications I used to get every quarter, when I graduate from our starter home, I won’t even take a small peek in a Beazer home!

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