The Advantages of Tablets for Small Business Owners

4 years ago

In today's ever more complicated tech world, the options for small business owners seems to grow exponentially from month to month. With so many new options on the market, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Recently, tablets have risen in popularity to become serious competition for traditional laptop users. There are pros and cons to both laptops and tablets, but for moms who own small businesses, tablets provide a wealth of advantages over traditional laptops.

It's hard to imagine today, but there was a time (not too long ago!) when laptops were the new kid on the block, and initially, they took a while to catch on and break into a market that was completely dominated by PCs. Now they are as common as desktop computers, and it's hard to remember how anyone got by without them. Tablets, while relatively new, are poised to become the next laptop - a computing device that the small business owner can't do without. Let's take a look at a few of the tablet's advantages.

The first and most obvious advantage to the tablet is its price point. While a high-end laptop can easily reach prices over $2000, the most expensive tablets come in between $500-700, but most of them on the market have options in the range of $200-$300. Of course, the tradeoff here is computing power, but for the average small business owner, tablets can handle the majority of their tasks just as well as any laptop and some even faster.

Tablets also feature software that is generally much cheaper than its laptop counterparts, due to the huge proliferation of apps on the iOS and Android markets. There are hundreds of business related apps on these markets, most for under $10.

The tablet's second big advantage is portability, due to their extremely small size and the lack of a need for a keyboard, mouse, or detached display. Tasks that may take a few minutes waiting for a laptop to power up can be completed much more quickly on a tablet. For example, checking email on a tablet that is linked straight to your inbox can be done in a matter of seconds while on the go, in places where a laptop may be unwieldy, such as the subway or the bus. For the traveling business person, this is a huge advantage.

One large advantage traditional laptops have always boasted over tablets is increased hard drive space - but with new advances in cloud data storage and online business applications, it's becoming unnecessary to lug around a computer with a high capacity hard drive all the time. Business owners can now store much of their data in the cloud, and all without the need to have software installed their tablet in order to access it, so the need for additional computing power is also greatly diminished.

A final advantage to tablets is their extremely long battery life, which can be over 3 times as long as the battery life of a laptop. Another huge plus for the small business owner, as the worry of a tablet dying in the middle of a business meeting is less likely than with a laptop.

For the small business owner, there's no question about it - tablets offer a variety of advantages over traditional laptops, easily providing more bang for the buck along with increased portability and flexibility.

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