5 Ways To Make Your Furniture From Rubbish Recycling Old Stuff

2 years ago
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Embellishing your house must be one of your motives. With new interior designers in the market, thousands of ideas have introduced and implemented to make your house look a more attractive place. Furniture of all kinds is available with a variety of textures, materials, designs and what not. However, have you ever given a thought about recycling your old stuff to create something useful like furniture? If yes then it is an excellent idea. You may have loads of broken rubbish in your house that can be recycled into something creative. These things might be trash on the outset, but beautiful decors can be created using these. It is an excellent way to keep things out of the dump. There are many YouTube tutorials available that will give ideas about recycling old stuff into furniture. However, there are below some of the methods listed:

  1. Turn your old piano into a bookshelf

Have you ever thought of a musical instrument holding book? If yes then you are creative. Old pianos that are not in use can be used to create a visually appealing bookshelf. Instead of throwing the piano after it gets faulty, you can re-use it. With the help of a carpenter, get the legs cut off and mount the keyboard against the wall.

  1. Use spare ladders to make a bookshelf

Another idea to create a bookshelf. Rather than spending pots of money on buying an expensive bookshelf, you can get yourself one in no price using spare ladders. Ladders can be attached horizontally on the wall. You can put your books on rails of the ladder and add something extra to it with the help of a professional. The ladder can be painted or designed to enhance its visual appearance.

  1. Old suitcase can be used as a cabinet

Rather than keeping the bag idea, utilise it creatively. Bags can be attached to the wall to give it a look of the cabinet. You can take help of another décor item to make it look more like an office. Cabinet can be used to store medicines, cards or any other light weight items.

  1. Skateboards turned into swings

An amazingly creative idea it is, that too inexpensive. I am sure you must be having spare ropes in your house and may be a skateboard. You just have to make two long loops out of ropes and hang it on the tree, or a pole. Secure the ropes with the skateboard to give it a look and functionality of a swing. It will entertain you in the same way as a conventional swing does. Not a bad idea at all.

  1. Computer towers can make a proper mailbox

Very limited people now use the old computer towers due to the convenience offered by laptops and other portable devices. Use those computer towers as a mailbox. Get rid of the electric circuits fixed inside the tower, and create an empty space. You can then place the tower outside the house and put a sign showing the usage of the computer tower. Decorate the tower according to your ideas to make it look more attractive.


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