5 Thanksgiving tablescapes you can actually recreate!

4 years ago

Before we get into the Thanksgiving table ideas I want to remind you of whats coming up in just a few days!

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I am getting so excited for all of these!


Every year I have these grand plans in my head of what I would like my table to look like at Thanksgiving. Now that Pinterest exists its even worse – you know how Pinterest is…

ThanksgivingI browse and pin elaborate table creations that I swear one day I will do!

Like this one

Thanksgiving tablescape *from barksdaleblessings.blogspot.com*

I mean my goodness right? It’s beautiful with the pretty china and the leafy greens and candle sticks – it makes my heart skip a beat but can be real for a min?

It would take all of two seconds for one of my kids or me to knock over one of those pumpkins and beautiful mini garden they got going on? I’m pretty sure Dodger would try to eat it in a min flat.

So it would seem I will need to wait oh I don’t know at least 10 years before I can have a gorgeous table something Martha herself would be proud to sit at.

For now though I am going to keep it low-key and my kind of fancy. The kind of fancy that wont break my heart if it’s destroyed or tampered with by the hand of a small child.

I have been searching Thanksgiving tables which apparently are now called TableScapes flipping Pinterest giving everything a fancy name.

Today I am going to share with you my favorite ‘tablescapes’ you can actually recreate!

Thanksgiving tablescape*from celebrations.com*
Simple, fast and so cute – this one would not only be super fun for your kids to help you with – it would be almost free to recreate!

Thanksgiving*from southernhospitalityblog.com*

I love the dark rustic covering on this one with the pops of bright color on top – so simple and tasteful!

Thanksgiving*from thewinthropchronicles.blogspot.com*

Now this one is about as fancy as I would go – and I would most likely do away with the tall stands cause again we are a clumsy people in my house.

Thanksgiving*from whatsurhomestory.com*

Now I like this one – One big centerpiece – and have you seen the pine cones in NC?  This one is definitely doable!

draw-together-thumb*from Caravan Shoppe*

This one is the coolest most kid friendly one I have come across and for 8 bucks you can not beat the price. You can print it out and watch the fun unfold! And it also comes with place mat, color pages, name tags and napkin pouches! How cool is this one?

I haven’t fully decided what we will do yet. They kids and I will be doing crafts all week so we may just make something up.

What are you table scape plans?


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