5 Pinterest Boards for Paper Artists to Follow

3 years ago

Disclaimer: If you end up on Pinterest for hours today, it's clearly not my fault, because I'm only telling you which boards to follow. I'm certainly not telling you to scroll all the way down through all of their awesomeness, through the forest of instructional blog posts and how-tos and DIY goodness. That's on you. :)

Now that the official disclaimer is out of the way, let's talk Pinterest. Do you love it? If I were the type of girl who thought organization and planning ahead and Martha-Stewart-ish levels of perfection were something to be ashamed of, then I'd say I have an embarrassing number of Pinterest boards. I love it, I use it on my desktop and on my phone. I have art boards, of course, but I also have boards for business-related help, boards for fitness and nutrition, decorating, fashion, an entire board for chicken recipes, and even a super-efficient board for one day whenever I have kids. Seriously. Because by the time that day comes around, I probably won't have time to look for these things. It's really part of my genius. Trust me.

So today I'd like to share with you my five favorite Pinterest boards for paper artists inspiration. And it should go without saying that my boards should be first. In fact, for the sake of this post I'm going to assume you're already following me. If not, then I'll wait patiently while you click go follow me on Pinterest.

This is me waiting patiently.

OK, now that that's over with, let's check out the five most awesome Pinterest boards for paper artists to follow:

1. Paper Arts & Crafts

This board is curated by Andrea Epperly. She's a licensed counselor in Oklahoma, and her board is an excellent balance of impressive finished products and instructional DIY info-graphics. I find her board really inspirational; she has a great eye for color and texture. She currently has over 1,400 pins on this board.

2. Paper Art & Craft

This one is by Josephine Kimberling, a licensing artist and surface designer from Seattle. Her board currently has 185 carefully selected pins that focus on 3D home decor projects, like garlands, mobiles, and ultra-awesome multi-dimensional wall art pieces.

3. Paper Sculpture Art

Seriously, you HAVE to check this one out. Blogger Karenliz Henderson has pinned over 200 of the most intricately detailed paper sculpture projects of all shapes and sizes. I think I love the ones made from the pages of a book the most. These are breathtaking and just plain exciting to look at.

4. Paper Collage Art Journaling

Mary Choberkian, a retired librarian has the most gloriously colorful collection of projects for art journaling and mixed-media paper art collage. Her pinboard is special because she integrates some projects that have fabric and other elements in addition to paper. The colors and textures she's attracted to are rich and vibrant.

5. Paper Art & Crafts & Flowers DIY

If you have ignored all of these so far, then you won't want to ignore this one. Susannah Bella has compiled a board of instructional flower-making activities. She's even got the wisteria from the Anthropologie window displays. This board is entirely dedicated to DIY instructional content, and it's mostly flowers. This is a powerful reference board for anyone who wants to integrate the skill of making paper flowers to her artwork.

So what are your favorite paper artist boards to follow? I shared with you a few of my favorites, and it was hard to trim it down to only five—but I'd love to find more. Feel free to follow my boards also, and leave a comment with your favorite boards to follow!

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