365 photo project FAIL (or was it a fail?)

Monthly Memories


I got off to a rocky start in January.  The first photo of this project and month is for advil congestion relief.  I must have been sick.  Our friend Ed turned 85 on January 10th, and to honor this big one, we found an Ochocinco 85 football jersey.  I just asked him who ocho plays for and he doesn't know.  He likes his Packers.  Wisconsin is a very very team friendly, rather enthusiastic about their sports teams.  Unless they are doing terribly, then we abandon ship.  


On the 19th, Jeremy's birthday, we were at Hub Jeep.  I'm not sure why.  haha!




February highlights.  MOM AND DON came for the Super Bowl, which was Don's team (Steelers) and the Packers.  Don't brought terrible towels for everyone, but we had bought Packer towels. Don used his terrible towel to wipe his tears when we beat them!  It was COLD in February.  Here in the summer we quickly forget just how cold.  4 degrees cold on Feb 9th.  Ugh, it's on its way.  The 23rd was my spinal fusion and on that day, Michael took a picture of me just out of surgery with a big smile on my face.  I knew as soon as I woke up that the sciatica was gone. 




March is a morphine blur.  The healing month.  as you can see I missed a few days beginning of March.  Forgivable right?  We lost big Duffy in March.  He took a downhill turn for awful and we had to put him to sleep.  I wailed for him.  :( Quinn graduated from swimming classes and Michael and I went out for lunch for St. Paddy's day at Mulligans.  I must have been feeling good!  At that time I was wearing my brace full time except in bed.  It was also the start of kitchen renovation month!



365 fail


April was Diane and Marcelo's wedding shower, Michael got his Vette souped up with new exhaust and cool rims.  That was his birthday present.  Supposedly, the new exhaust increases the horsepower of the engine.  Don't ask me to explain because I don't understand why.  I had lots of Quinn time in April!  




The highlight of May was Diane's wedding, people came in from all over the world for it!  My parents, Michael's mom and brother and family stayed here with us for a few days before the wedding.  I danced at Diane and Marcelo's wedding!  And didn't wear the back brace!  The day after the wedding we took off for a two week cruise up the east coast with my parents.  They brought their boat north for the summer, and we stopped at St. Augustine, Savannah, Charleston SC, Coinjock NC among other places on the way to the Chesapeake bay.  It was a fabulous trip, but it was way too much for me to be doing just a few months out of surgery.  I'm totally glad we did do it though, it was a trip of a lifetime.



In June, I ordered and recieved a 5 pound block of Kerrygold Irish Dubliner cheese.  We burned through about half of it.  The other half is still wrapped in foil in the fridge.  Another wedding reception, our hygenist Tania and her hubby Dan had a destination wedding and when they came home, gathered all family and friends for a nice reception party.  She was a beautiful bride.  Twice!  :) We also spent a week in Albuquerque.  When we came home, I put my foot down and said NO MORE TRAVELING until Blogher.  This caused a lot of problems with my son, he was devestated that we did not go to Ocean City this year.  I just could not have handled the RV trip all the way there and back.  Getting better with therapy was the highest on my priority list so I would be good for San Diego.  



In July we were homebound and I graduated from PT.  A giant beach ball rolled into our yard.. fun fun.  On the 12, I was the victim of a "stager" in the parking lot of Fork in the Road.  I won't go into details because we haven't had any contact since, and I'm just as glad to put it behind me.  





August.  Sweet August 2011.  My sweet daughter wanted to go to Blogher for her birthday present.  I am so glad I agreed!  Loved the trip, the sessions, meeting new people, and of course the swag!


Starting September first I will be doing a daily upload with a description of each day's events.  I didn't do that for the first 8 months of this project so I feel like it was an EPIC FAIL.  However, in editing mode, I realized that even though I didn't do a daily blurb on the POTD, I do have great memories of daily events.


And look how Quinn has grown :)

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