9 years ago

Free. Wild. Primal. Sweaty fun. An hour gone by in a flash.

Today I took a Zumba® class, and it is making me break my own rules about group cardio.

Except for spinning, I don't take aerobic classes. I have never found them to be challenging enough, and I hate jockeying for a good position on the floor. I don't like getting bumped into and stepped upon. And I don't like being the new person in an established class because I am always the one going the wrong way-kicking up when I should be kicking back or spinning left when everyone else is spinning right. (This conjures up painful memories of cheerleading try-outs in high school.) Plus, I'm not the "hoot 'n holler" type; I don't like someone yelling, "Come on, ladies, MOVE it!"

But Zumba® is different.  Wow - what a great time and a good workout. The music is fun and it is just like taking a dance class. A little bit of salsa, some African dance, belly dance, Hip Hop - you name it. And it's none of this, "OK, class, let's go through the next combination nice and slow for 10 minutes and then we can try it with the music." I don't want to spend half of my cardio time reviewing the steps - I want to get my heart pounding! And in Zumba®, that's exactly what you do. The instructor whirls around and everyone follows along with varying degrees of accuracy.

Perhaps that was one of the best things about my Zumba® experience today: everyone let go. We were all so busy getting into the music and feeling our bodies move and blossom in new ways that no one cared who was out of step. We joyfully did spins, we bumped-and-ground, we cha-cha-chaed. The room was a big, colorful, playful, glorious mess of bodies sweating and expressing.

I looked around in awe at all these beautiful women - young, old, big, small, graceful and clumsy - just enjoying themselves. Just dancing.

In strength,

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