You're Keeping Me Going!

5 years ago

My two goals for this past week were:

1. Drink 8 glasses of water each day

2. Write down everything I eat


The water was no problem, once I set up a little system. My glasses hold 16 oz, so I drink one in the morning, one at lunch, one in the afternoon when the kids get home, and one at dinner. Easy peasy. I’ve always loved water, never been a soda girl, and I can feel a difference with the way I feel already with that one. Half the time I’m hungry, I’m thinking I may be thirsty. Go water!


The next goal. THE NEXT GOAL.


I. eat. a lot.

Without even realizing it. This has been such an eye opener for me. I was thinking to myself in December when I agreed to do the New Year, New Year thing: I don’t eat that much! I don’t know why I’m gaining weight. I need to exercise more. But it all adds up and as my body gets older, it’s not going to be forgiving about it as it has been. I eat as I’m making the kids’ lunches in the morning. I eat when I’m cleaning up breakfast.  When I’m making/cleaning up lunch. Same with dinner. I got embarrassed at how many things I would have to write down if I hadn’t caught myself because of this little goal. Awareness is going to be a huge step for me.

And do you want to talk about emotional eating? Oh, wow.

It was Wednesday night, the laundry was piled up by the kitchen table ready to be folded, I was helping my daughter on her project, prodding my boys’ to clean up their room before they went out to play, my husband called and reminded me of something we had later on that night, which meant dinner had to be in half an hour. BLAST. What are we even having for dinner?? I headed right for the pantry~not to start dinner, but to soothe myself with food. I stopped myself (because of this goal) and foraged through my purse for an old, crumb filled piece of sweet mint gum.


It happened lots: a text with some sad, sad news about a dear friend. I headed for the pantry as I thought about the text.

I got an awesome email with some good news from a fellow blogger. To the pantry!

I forgot to write in my son’s journal for school and as he got ready I was thinking of something clever to write. I went to the pantry..I guess food helps my creativity??

I remember watching an Oprah where they were talking about emotional eating and someone in the audience asked: why can’t it just be about the food? What if I just love food and that’s why I’m fat? And the expert lady answered, “it’s never about the food. Otherwise, you would be at your ideal weight, because you would only eat when you were hungry.” Probably not the exact words, but you get the idea. And I thought, “what a bunch of crock. I’m not an emotional eater, and I’m overweight.”

Really, Melissa?

So, thanks to my younger sister, I’ve invested in some of the Extra dessert gum to tide me over when I head to deal with things with food. I’ve gone through 3 packs this week. I would love to get to a point where I don’t need anything in my mouth, but for now it’s a good alternative.


So that’s where I’m at right now~a little disgusted with myself, but kind of relieved that this may be a big part of the puzzle. We’ll see. I’m tracking my food online at because I don’t have a smart phone, but I know there is lots of cool apps out there to just track what you’re eating. There are lots of things I simply didn’t want to eat because I didn’t want to write it down. It’s a HUGE first step for me.

My next 2 goals, along with the continuation of the water & writing down my eating:

1. Find my target heart rate zone, and be aware how my body feels at different levels while exercising.

2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes, 6 days a week. Sundays are off! I don’t keep track of my eating either.

You can see more about the heart health fitness guidelines from Alysa here.

What about you: are you an emotional eater? How did you confront it? How are your goals coming?

I love your tips and suggestions~you’re keeping me going!

* Check out my review for the awesome Withings Smart Body Scale

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