I simply feel so many people are caught behind their VIRTUAL IMAGE rather than their real image because they simply feel they look better VIRTUALLY than in “REAL LIFE….” But either way, it is our REAL IMAGE that truly matters…..I like to think that my real image is even better than my virtual image as I work much harder on caring for myself in reality than my virtual image. Yes, I think I have a great virtual image and yet my in person image is much more important to me…..The image I see in the mirror as well as in the faces of those I love….

People have gotten trapped in the virtual world to the point that they have forgotten who they are in real life…..It is our real life images that we should be working on and using the virtual image of ourselves to compliment what we already are….

Giving time to our real lives and our real images is key to a happy life…..A Virtual life should simply compliment an already wonderful real life…..I most certainly like to think my real image far outshines any virtual image I can create….



I think it is almost always OK to change one’s mind when they see a decision better a different way….Often we make decisions based on ever changing information…..and when new information comes in it can change the whole way we saw things before as well as the decision we made previously….So when is it OK to change your mind?

I personally think “Changing our mind” is like changing our socks….It is OK to do so when needed…..We all like to be consistent and stick with what we have committed ourselves to….and yet, sometimes we do have to change our course of action in life….If we are driving down a road and we see a Tornado ahead, we may need to change our direction significantly….We didn’t expect the tornado but now that we have seen it on our radar our plan of direction needs to shift….That is the way it is with almost anything in life…..

Great discernment needs to apply when changing ones mind. What will the fallout be if one changes their mind?….Will the new course of acton be better or worse than the original decision? If something is a better decision  it is usually better to be willing to change one’s mind….if they can…Not always can we change our mind about something once we have committed and not always should we….but sometimes we can….

Changing ones mind is an individual thing….but it is one that I do quite often….



I do think there are people in my life that truly care what I think and I care what they think….but overall I think most people are so consumed with their own lives that they pay little attention to what we think or care about or our views on things…..Most people concern themselves too much on what others might think of them any which way….I simply do not concern myself much about what others think of my opinions or what they even think of me….

When one is confident in who they are they simply realize that it comes down to what they think of themselves….for there will always be conflicting views of what others think of another….If we base our views of ourselves on how other people see us or our opinions then we are likely to be a nervous wreck….for we cannot keep up the pretense of trying to please everyone and everyone’s opinions…..Not everyone is going to like us or our opinions and that is simply the way it is….I would rather be busy appreciating my own opinions in life and who I am….for no one knows me better than I know myself…



I think most people at some point in time…perhaps more than one time in life gets their self-esteem knocked out of them….When they simply feel they have been knocked so low that they have to pick it up off the ground. Perhaps it is because of a mistake they made….or simply it can be because of what another did to them….Either way when our self-esteem gets knocked down it can be hard getting it back up…

The key to dealing with being knocked down for any reason is to get back up….No matter how long it takes…..Our ego may be bruised and battered…..regardless of whose fault it is…..but it is important to brush ourselves off and stand up, stand tall, and keep on going…

I have seen famous people who were knocked down and knocked out so to speak….come back stronger and better than ever….Getting knocked down a time or two can really create in a person a self-esteem that wasn’t there before….A sense of confidence that no matter what happens that they are going to get back up, get back out there, and show the world the best they have…



I simply know people that are old at 20 and young at 80….For them Age is simply an attitude and not a number……Some people seem to be ageless in their attitudes….never growing old….It is as if they picked a number and got stuck there….29 Forever… matter what their driver’s license read..

I have seen people at 80 fill in the gaps of their lives that were not complete when younger…..I think we can fill in the missing blanks….Life does not always have to be lived in exact sequence……I knew an 80 year old man who collected wind up toys….He simply loved them and had a whole box full….He had never had a toy when younger as he grew up very poor….So now he was living a part of his life he had not lived…his childhood….He was filling in the blanks….

I have seen 60 year old people roller skating… boarding, and a number of other sports….They simply did not allow their driver’s licenses’s to dictate their age…..They were also filling in the blanks….Life is an attitude….Live it the way you want…29 Forever…



Avoid Angry people…..for they are likely to become angry with you….

Avoid jealous people….for they are likely to become jealous with you…

Avoid critical people…..for they will likely criticize you…

Avoid Condescending People….for they will likely look down on you….

Avoid manuipulating people….for they will likely try to manuipulate you…

Avoid messed up people with messed up lives up close and personal….for they are likely to mess up your life…

Avoid petty people….for they are likely to become petty with you…

The people we allow into our lives will affect our lives whether their approach is direct or indirect….People around us do affect our lives….


Seek out those who are kind….for when you need Kindness you will likely get it from them….

Seek out those who are wise…..for when you need right answers for your life they will likely be there to guide you…

Seek out those who have compassion….for when you need compassion you will likely get it….

Seek out those who do not rush….for when you need someone calming to be with they will be there to calm you….

Seek out those who are truthful….for when you need an honest answer they will give it….

Seek out those you can trust….for when you need someone to trust they will be there for you….

Seek out reliable friends….for when you need to call on someone they will be there for you….

Seek out friends who are honest…..for when you need to trust someone with something important you will know you can trust them….

Simply put…seek out people that you would want to be around if  you needed to depend on them…..and become that person yourself….for we attract what we give out…



If happiness could be bought and sold someone would make a fortune….Truly happiness is internal and not something we can buy although there are lots of people out there in the world trying to sell happiness…..but what most people don’t realize….is they had it all along…



So much of life is simply lived in those ORDINARY MOMENTS and for that reason we need to make each ordinary one EXTRAORDINARY to us…..Most people simply seem to let one day run into the next all seeming about the same…..doing the same things over and over….most of which they do not enjoy…..There are others who simply take the ordinary that each day brings and grab it to make it fabulous….They take whatever situation they are in and create it to be the best…..from the simplest of things to the biggest of things…..For them every day is extraordinary…

Consider creating the life of your dreams in your ORDINARY MOMENTS making each one count and each one Enjoyed….




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