Your Gut is NOT a muffin and other New Year's Resolutions

5 years ago

It’s that time of year again, ladies, New Year’s Resolution time, and likely a fitness goal is in the mix. The biggest barriers to accomplishing that fitness mission tend to be maintaining motivation and injuries. Seeking out a trainer or a fun class can be the source of the much needed fire under your bum, but it can also be the source of the injuries. In early March physical therapist’s schedules start to heat up when the formally sedentary have had about 6-8 weeks of poor form, bad routines and over-exertion. So how do you know you’ve put your health and motivation in the right hands and avoid injuries?  Here are some clues and some advice on when it is time to walk out.

1. Trainer refers to any of your body parts as food. Your bum is not made of lard, your gut is not a muffin top, and your legs are not sausage links. Condescension is not a motivator. A trainer with more tricks in their tool bag to keep you moving might be a better bet.  Time to walk, ladies.

2. Mat class teacher looks worse than you do. If someone who has constant access to gym equipment, bands and kettle balls cannot whip their own body into shape, what exactly can they offer you? Find the exit.

3. Your trainer can’t walk the line between challenge and injury producing routines. Some clues that you and they have crossed that line?

  • pain from a workout that is not diminishing after 36-48 hours
  • pain in your joints instead of the middle of the muscle you worked
  • they refer to you as “Soldier”, “Plebe” or “Recruit”

Run, do not march...out.

4. You still don’t like what you look like naked. The trainers website had great testimonials and pics of transformations, but your bulges aren’t budging....then they haven’t created a program that is right for your needs. Time for a refund.

5. Your mat class, boot camp, or trainers program includes crunches, or worse sit-ups, horror of horrors! Your trainer/teacher is not up on the latest fitness research. Sit-ups left the scene decades ago. Crunches are bad for backs, bad for pelvic floors, wreck your posture and don’t really flatten your abs. Time to say adios!

6. Your Yoga-fusion teacher can’t make it through the whole class without a trip to the ladies room. Her pelvic floor is getting hammered by her exercise routine, so what’s it doing to yours? You and your pelvic floor need to scram.

Be safe and smart out there ladies! Look for these red flags and keep on walking until you find a class or trainer that can build workout intensity gradually and work with you to set and achieve attainable goals. A great resolution would be injury-free fitness and to NOT need a physical therapist in 2012!

Here’s to a fit and fabulous year!

Julie Wiebe

Women's Sports Medicine Physical Therapist

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