I was driving home the other day and I was seeing all the cars whizzing by me….They were all going faster than me, although I am a slow driver sort of….but they were simply going way too fast….I am not sure why they were in such a rush….It seems most people are going on autopilot in life….Whizzing from one place to the other…..I am not sure even how conscious of their environments and what they are doing they truly are…..I think most people are simply out of touch with the moment and living in both the future and the past way more than the present….I think most people must have a brain that is tired….

It seems people are in constant motion….That they simply do not take the time to rest…..They do not take time out to slow down….They are moving at nearly the speed of sound it seems…..Way too fast for me….Call me a slow poke if you will, but I simply savor life and enjoy the moment while I plan for the future and enjoy reflecting on the past….

I think most people’s brains simply must be tired because all that rushing cannot make for a rested person at all. It seems like so many people’s minds are “somewhere else…” rather than where they are at at the moment….I realize everyone has responsibilities and issues in life….but not taking time out simply exhausts the brain….and  a tired brain does not make good decisions which can create more problems….

It is important to take time out in each day beyond just sleep….Sleep is very important to our health and wellbeing and so is rest….Rest is different than sleep….Rest is simply taking time out to do “nothing…..” Nothing can be anything that simply puts our minds in a state of being relaxed…..When we are relaxed we tend to make better decisions….Our Conscious mind can hear our subconscious mind and our Souls speak to us…Our Conscious mind has a hard time it seems sorting all the information we are receiving throughout our busyness….It isn’t until we are relaxed that the conscious mind seems to put it all together…..

Tired Minds make for a lot of wrong decisions it seems….It seems like accidents happen a lot at rush hour or when people are rushing…..There minds do not seem fixed on what they are doing in the present moment (driving) and instead “worrying” about something else….such as what they are going to make for dinner….

Yes, we need rest….We need rest for more than our minds….We also need it for our bodies…..Even our relationships need rest…..Relationships should not always be on the go as well….Sometimes the best moments in a relationship is when people are simply relaxing…..Sometimes those moments truly can resolve issues as well as bring happiness….

People dream when they are relaxed…The kind of dreams that we dream about the future…..People chit chat when they are relaxed often making new friends simply because they stopped long enough to make conversation…..Good things often come when we are relaxed. Even problems sometimes seems to be solved when we have taken our minds off of them….

Yes, sometimes we simply need to rest our brain….Give it a little mini vacation during the day….Take time out to simply ENJOY…..



A Worry Free Life….Now wouldn’t that be simply fabulous……Not worrying about anything……Is that possible or is that an illusion….?

I think a Worry Free Life is possible…..because worry truly doesn’t solve much….When we realize that worry simply is like spinning our wheels and going nowhere we will realize there are better options to solving our problems……

Problem Solvers or Constructive Thinkers tend to be people who do not give time to worry….They give time to solving issues…..Worriers give time to worrying which is not constructive thinking. Worrying is fear of what might happen. Problem solving is realizing “what may happen” and doing all they can to come up with ways to prevent it from happening…..Problem solving/Constructive Thinking is different than worrying……It puts a positive spin on problems….Worrying puts a negative spin on problems…

So is it possible to not worry? I believe it is possible….I believe it may take some getting used to….It will require how we think and how we deal with problems as they come up…..Some people have built a lifestyle around worry that they have no idea how to do anything else…..

Worrying is usually a person’s way of dealing with issues from long ago that they simply felt out of control with. A life out of control often uses worry as an emotional defense to feel as if they are accomplishing something towards resolving a problem……Worry gives them a sense of not being helpless….although worry rarely if ever works towards solving much of anything….

A Worry Free Life allows one to do the very best they can in all areas of life….Allows a person to be responsible not irresponsible.....It allows them to find solutions peacefully with their selves….It allows them to be happy in the midst of problems…..

A Worry Free Life may take some getting used to..but it is so well worth it…

Bye Bye to worry…..

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