Your 30's are cool, but I can't wait for 40!

8 years ago


Me and my bro, Ed, on his wedding day

Me and my bro, Ed, on his wedding day - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ED!

My bro is now officially one of us.  “Us” being a “30 Something’”. 
Yup, he’s no longer in his 20’s, not exactly 30, but “in his 30’s”. 
And he didn’t sound too happy about it when we spoke over the weekend.
Men these days….LOL!

Me?  I’m lovin’ my 30’s, but am eagerly awaiting my 40’s.  My hubby
thinks I’m crazy!  Most everyone do, but it’s true.  I feel like 40
will afford me some freedoms that I’ve not had in my 20’s and 30’s.

Here’s my plan.  When I turn 40, I will simplify.  First, my wardrobe will move to all black.  You know, like what Jamie lee Curtis did
when she turned 50.  I figure, what the hell?  Why not 40?  This way, I
won’t have to give much thought to clothes, fashion, shopping, etc. 
Not like I really do now, but still, one less thing to worry about.

Also, when I’m 41, both my kids will be in school, full time.  That
alone is freedom for a SAHM.  Oh, I love my girls and am so thankful I
could be home with them from birth, but there’s only so much Hi5 and
finger painting that one person can take.  Since my kids are 7 years
apart, I feel like I’ve been picking playdough out of the carpet my
whole life and I still have years of it left.

But, it’s all good.  I love being a Mom [including a SAHM] and
wouldn’t change a thing.  But I am looking forward to MJ heading off to
Kindergarten [in due time].  Maybe I’ll go back to school, or maybe
back to work, or maybe I’ll just kick my business into high gear and
start training again.  Yeah, 40 is looking better and better.

Last, but not least.  In your 40’s, you no longer compete with
people in their 20’s.  Your new competition is 30’s and 50’s.  That’s a
lot less pressure.  I mean, no matter what I do in terms of workout, I
just can’t look like I did when I was 22.  Course, I’m not really THAT
dedicated, but you know what I mean.  However, there are some 45 year olds that rock the house and definitely compete with 35 year olds.  So, yeah, 40’s are definitely gonna be easier on the ego.

But even beyond looks, women in their 40’s have knowledge,
experience, power and confidence.  They’ve been there, done that, but
are still willing to try new things.   You’re old enough to know
better, but young enough to start over.  For me, my 40’s will be about
“self” and there’s nothing wrong with that.  OK, I’m not gonna leave my
kids and hubby and run off to travel Europe with some “Fabio” wannabe. 
I’m just saying that my kids will be older, my husband is stable in his
career, our lives are in balance, so it’s my turn.  I get to “start

So let the countdown begin.  I have exactly 2.5 years to decide what
to be when I  grow up.  Any suggestions for a “has been” Program
Manager, turned Software Trainer, turned wife, turned Mom, turned web
developer, turned clothing store owner, turned house flipper and
general contractor and now, a part time blogger and mother of TWO very active little girls.  Suggestions.  Anyone?

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