Yesterday's Vision Not Quite Today's Actions

4 years ago

Yesterday, I realized that the 5K community race I entered last year would be coming up in five or six weeks.  Perfect!  Except that my attempts on the treadmill yesterday were not really very effortful.  I did go on the treadmill, but I kept the speeds down to things that were comfortable.  I did sweat, but I wasn't drenched in sweat like I like to imagine happening.

So, I told myself that if I wanted to get in shape again in order to run this 5K and have fun running it, I'd need to get my act in gear.  I pictured myself going to the gym the next morning, jumping on that treadmill and really doing some good effortful jogging.  I'd stick to the 5.0 pace even when it was uncomfortable and I'd just ignore the boredome and I'd just do it.  As well, I'd increase the speed and do some sprints for a minute here and there.

I pictured it.  I pictured myself committing to it.  In my vision the sweat poured down the sides of my face and I heard my breathing and felt my legs stretching.  I was pumped.  I was a frickin athlete!

And then today I went to the gym and it wasn't at all like I'd pictured.  When I did get on treadmill, I realized that there might need to be some kind of inbetween between my current reality and an appropriate level of effort.  I'm not going to let myself do that walk/run thing.

The walk/run technique works super well for so many, but for me it is the path to cheating. I start to walk and then when I run, I run that much slower than before.  So, today I kept things at a slow speed of 4 mph, but I jogged without stopping.  For the last minute I bumped the speed up to 7 mph and that did feel good, but the length of that minute was crazy long.  (I also only went on the treadmill for ten minutes)

But I did do level one of Jillian's shred with two friends and then I stayed and did about fifteen minutes of some basic Pilates stretches.  

It did feel good.  My body likes being re-activated and I'm glad that so far (only two days) this week has happened.  The goal is to go to the gym tomorrow and Thursday, to fit in some exercise for 20 minutes over the weekend and to just keep doing this dang calorie counting.

It's too bad I'm assaulted by visions of nice greasy salty pizza.  And that is why I'm not going out to eat at all - no ifs ands or buts. 

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