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3 years ago

Doing good.  Doing good.  Ish.  Still not counting my calories.  I know I said I was going to yesterday, but I never did.  It's just so much nicer NOT counting calories.  That was the thing I learned last year.

When I lost 40 pounds in 2012 it was through calorie counting and exercising.  It was a bit of an eye opener to realize how many calories were in the foods I was generously putting on my plate.   I maintained that weight loss decently well by continuing to track calories, but life got so much better when we began the Whole30 challenge which is a Real Foods only kind of thing.

Without bread or dairy stealing all my daily calories, I was free to eat a lot of vegetables and protein.  I know that doesn't sound so good, but we did explore a lot of new recipes and foods and hit upon an entire new way of cooking and eating that included only foods great-grandma would recognize.  Eating that way meant I could eat whatever was in our house and as much as I wanted and I seemed to maintain my weight.

And then we'd travel or start going out to eat or I'd start picking up other treats at the store that were invariably filled with ingredients that great-grandma certainly wouldn't recognize.  

And now I'm here trying to prepare to lose another significant chunk of weight.  It's time!  I've maintained my last weight loss (with some ups and downs) long enough to normalize.  I'm ready for more and that's probably a good healthy 20 pounds.  Oh my - that sounds like so much and so much time.

But you know what, it's only 20 weeks if I'm doing a decent job of watching my portion sizes and exercising consistently.   By August I could be feeling that energy that comes from not hauling around a significant number of pounds.  Could.  It will only happen if I stay focused and stay on track.

I am concerned about our three week trip.  Well, I'll do what I can till we leave.  I'll expect some backtracking while traveling, and upon my return, I'll focus in again.  Certainly, if I can maintain the exercise, then things will be easier because it is the exercise that helps me feel like I'm actually doing something positive.

This morning I did not get up early and go to the gym, but I did do 8 minute abs at home (off of YouTube) and then Jillian's 30 Day Shred Level 1 for 20 minutes.  I also walked 1.6 miles at a three-year olds paces - not burning a lot of calories, but certainly burning more than just sitting at home.

This evening we're having paleo pizza for dinner which essentially means a gluten-free crust made from almond flour and coconut flour, homemade sugar free tomato sauce, no cheese (that is a hard one), and veggies on top.  The kids are excited.  It's not quite the same as a greasy slice of pizza from a pizza shop, but if I don't think about that, then I can recognize that it's tasty food in it's own right.

On to the rest of the day of resisting temptations to eat handfuls of almonds and portions that are bigger than I need.

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