Women's Reproductive Health Rights Are in Jeopardy. It's Time To Have Your Say.

5 years ago

My name is Amber Page—the loving mother of one very special little girl.

 I had her at the age of 33.

 I got married at the age of 23.

 We were not celibate.

 So, obviously, I used birth control.

For most of that time, I paid for it out of my own pocket. And you know what? It wasn’t always easy. It cost me 40 bucks a month, and sometimes it was the last 40 dollars in my checkbook.

 But I was willing to pay it. I wanted the choice of when to become a mom to be mine.

I’ve seen what happens when the decision is made for you.

I’ve seen what happens when you’re young and broke and scared and faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

It’s heartbreaking.

I went through it with a friend. A friend with parents she couldn’t trust and a boyfriend who certainly wasn’t ready to be a dad.

She knew she couldn’t have that baby. She knew she had to have an abortion.

But don’t think for a moment that it was an easy decision.

I listened to her as she talked through her anguish. Held her in my arms as she sobbed. Squeezed her hand in the clinic as she waited to be called back. Saw the haunted look in her eyes when it was over.

It changed her. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone.

But you know what? By limiting access to contraceptives, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

We are forcing thousands of women all over the country to make that choice. To cry those tears. To suffer through that invasion—and live with the pain the decision to have an abortion causes.

So ask yourselves—what’s the bigger evil? Requiring insurance companies to cover contraceptives, or forcing women (and girls) to decide what to do when nature takes its course?

I think it’s obvious.

That's why I'm supporting the Coalition To Protect Women's Health Care. They're asking us—all of us—to make videos voicing our opinions about the Affordable Care Act, and about our views on reproductive health rights.

They're urging us to have our say.

I'm having my say. And I hope you will too. To join in, upload your video to YouTube, then link it up on the Coalition To Protect Women's Health Care site.

Tell congress what you think before it's too late.





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