A Wish Come True – an End to Hangovers

4 months ago
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The severity of a hangover is in direct proportion to the amount of alcohol consumed the night before. Many of us have experienced hangovers that make us say we’ll “get on the wagon”, then the next big holiday or invite comes around and we return to slinging back drinks. Many hangover remedies exist. A few of them perform okay, although most taste terrible. Wouldn’t social drinking be much better if we could have a night out on the town without the regret and headaches the next morning? A company has engineered what may be the perfect solution for partygoers – a patch, The No Hangover Patch, to prevent the hangover from ever getting started. The patch is non-transdermal and contains no chemicals. Instead, it uses frequency generation to boost your levels of glutathione (an antioxidant) that help prevent hangovers before they start.

What exactly is “Glutathione”

Most people have never heard of “glutathione.” It’s a powerful antioxidant and plays an important in detoxifying the body. Most people think= detoxification happens in the liver and kidneys, and it does; however, most of the detoxification your body undergoes happens well before the liver and kidneys get in on the act.

This is where glutathione comes in. It acts as a precursor chemical in the production of methionine – an essential amino acid that’s crucial for the body’s detoxification cycle by supporting the liver. Insufficient glutathione means the body creates less methionine, resulting in reduced removal of toxins by the body. So, glutathione is essential for removing those toxins – such as the ones caused by your favorite bourbon or IPA. Glutathione is produced by the body, and is considered a non-essential amino acid, unlike methionine. Methionine must be ingested to keep the detox cycle in motion and ensure the proper elimination of those pesky toxins.


The law in the U.S. says .08% is the max BAC, but you can be impaired at a far lower level, and your morning-after symptoms can show up after just a few drinks. You’re likely familiar with the symptoms of nausea, headaches, fatigue, extreme sensitivity to light and sound, impairment of balance, a slowdown in reflexes, loss of appetite and dehydration.

The severity of the symptoms is of course tied to how much alcohol you consume compared to your body type. Make sure you have some food in your stomach before you start drinking and stay hydrated. Following a rule of “one drink and one cup of water” is a terrific way to keep water in your system. Most people think you stay hydrated if you drink anything, but any drink that has alcohol will have a dehydrating effect. Splashing some water in your whisky is not “hydrating!”

Getting Rid of Hangovers for Good

The No Hangover Patch is a new product that uses sub-harmonic frequencies to stimulate your body, to produce more glutathione and reduce the effects of a hangover. By drinking enough water while enjoying alcohol, your body will quickly lose the toxins that the body broke down with the glutathione. Placed on the back of your shoulder, the patch is water-resistant and lasts for 3 days.

If you include alcohol as part of your celebrating, you can now party to your heart’s content without the nasty side effects the next morning. The No Hangover Patch reduces your hangover symptoms, meaning you can have your favorite beverage without the morning-after crash – something everyone has wished for since humans first discovered alcohol. This patch is the answer to every prayer uttered by a partygoer the next morning – how to get rid of a hangover before it starts.