Will Red Riding Hood Ever Trust Again? Will You?

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We saw Red Riding Hood last weekend. It was one of the worst movies I've seen lately. That was the opinion of all four of us who went together. It did have a very surprising ending, and the wolf turned out to be....... well I'm not telling just in case you lose your mind and decide to go waste some time and see it.

The moral of the story seemed to be: you can't trust anyone, watch your back! I would hate to live like that, without someone to trust. This poor girl questioned every person she knew, wondering who was dressed like the wolf in "people's" clothing.

Life without trust whether it stems from pain, hurt, or betrayal is miserable. We may hide it well by pretending we don't need anyone but deep inside each person longs to trust. Trust offers security, real love, and a place to be my true self. Why do we receive these things from trust? Because the one I trust accepts me for me, he/she only wants what's best for me.

The wolf in Red Riding Hood was a cold-blooded killer. Betrayal in a relationship can be a killer to that relationship. Ever been betrayed? At first it seems like there's no turning back, like there is no hope for life. But at some point in life we have to trust again, let love in again. When we do, that old wolf can be put to death. Relationships can be restored, with some people, and the silver bullet can be thrust in that horrible wolf so we can live again without holding back.

I've had my heart ripped out and only one person was able to repair it... me. How? Because I was able to trust who God created me to be. I began to look at myself in the mirror and instead of rejecting the woman looking back I began to embrace her. Even if I had been betrayed and rejected by a human perspective I was truly a treasure and loved by God's. I knew it was only His love that could heal my heart and it was only Him that I could truly trust at that time in my life.

 As I learned to trust God more, I was able to finally let myself go and trust others realizing I might get hurt again but knowing at least there was a way to healing. I had to make the decision to trust again, an intentional decision. It was a good decision and I've never regretted it.

As far as that awful wolf goes, let him die a terrible death.... oops I gave the ending away.... or did I?

Will Red Riding Hood ever trust again or will she be forever afraid? How about you?


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