Why I Broke Up With My Scale

6 years ago

I had put a scale on my registry for my wedding, thinking that I wanted it. It came in a box with a bow from my sister-in-law, and I was even enthusiastic about it at the time. That is, I was, until I started using it. The relationship between me and my new scale quickly became a love/hate one. I found that we were constantly fighting with one another... "no!" I would shout, "That is NOT my weight!" To which it replied, "yes, it most certainly is." 

This year, I quit smoking cigarettes and put extra emphasis on my health. Part of this new lease on life included working out, something that I had previously shunned wholeheartedly. I began taking Zumba classes and on my "off" days, I walked about 2 miles, give or take. I would weigh myself each week, and I felt increasingly frustrated as my scale would sneer at me, reading the same exact weight over and over and over again. 

So, I thought maybe my scale and I should take a hiatus from one another... not a full-fledged break-up, but a definite break. I set the break at five weeks, and in those five weeks, I continued to work out just as I had before, only I felt better because I wasn't being constantly mocked by my ridiculous scale. I started noticing that my clothes were fitting differently, and even my Zumba classmates were noticing a difference. 

On week five, I was filled with excitement as I thought of weighing myself. I thought, maybe, ten pounds? I felt like I was going to be surprised at the results I would see... clearly, I looked very different. Even my husband said that I seemed skinnier than I have been in the 8 years he has known me. And, so, with all this build up over the five weeks, I woke up, didn't eat a thing, and I got onto the scale stark naked... and it was a five pound loss. 

The five pounds was certainly nothing to write off. I was proud of my success. But I suppose I had anticipated losing more weight. Oh well. So I would give it another five weeks, and do it again. At the second five week mark, I got back on the scale... nada. No dice. Not a pound lost. The possibility of this was utterly impossible in my eyes... this damn thing is lying to me again!!! 

And that was when I decided: I was breaking up with my scale. The only purpose this gadget was serving was to derail my confidence, and I could take it no more. Down with the scale. I don't need a scale to tell me how I feel about myself. Because despite what the scale says, I feel great about my body and it's evolution through work-outs. 

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