Who Knew Getting Pregnant Was a Science?!?!?!?

5 years ago
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So, I went to my obgyn yesterday to figure out what's our next step. I swear who knew that all of this was so intricate. I mean really. I grew up thinking you got married, you did the do, and you had a baby. I never knew about hormone surges, ovulation predictor kits (OPKs), measurements of uterine lining, etc. SERIOUSLY!

They ran an ultrasound to see if I had PCOS. My insulin levels are fine, and the look at my ovaries via u/s showed no "string of pearls." All the things I was wanting to hear until...normally about this time you would have a thick, fluffy uterine lining measuring at about a 10; well, your lining is measuring about a 5 which is kind of thin. This is another possible symptom of PCOS. She didn't definitively say I had it, but she didn't say I didn't. Ugh, I'm so frustrated. I just want to have a baby. We are two people who work hard and WANT a baby. Being parents is something we want to do, not something that we just will deal with if it "happens."

I don't know if it's because we're TTC or what, but every time I turn around there's another friend, blogger, twitter friend announcing their pregnant or their pregnant with their 2nd, 3rd, gazillionth child or every time I turn around there's a pregnant person in line in front of me or walking in front of my car while I am waiting to turn into a parking spot. I hate that it pisses me off. I am genuinely happy for people I know. I really am. I just want one of those people to be me. I'm a good person who would be a good mother. It's just frustrating. I am ashamed to admit I get envious, and it makes me mad at myself for feeling this way. I hope you do not judge me. I am only human.

My obgyn decided to put me on metformin. She said this will hopefully help regulate my cycles, and she would like to see me back in 3 months. She'll reevaluate and possibly put me on clomid. Have any of you been on metformin and/or clomid? Just curious to know if it worked for you.

Hope I don't end up a crazy pug lady...