What is it about breasts?

4 years ago


 Recently, I posted a blog on ModernMom about breasts and asked what is it about them.   Below is a partial repost of my blog from that site.    Note that I have written about breasts before on BlogHer, actually in the context of bra buying.  This is different though.  It really sparked me when the networks sent the stars a dress code to avoid too much skin and that alone was enough to have everyone talking about boobs.  The focus on breasts isn’t new.  Here is a side story:  One time, when I was out with a very previous boyfriend, we were taking a walk by a pool and an older woman, I would guess in her 80s, was bathing topless.  I hadn’t noticed, but this guy did.  It didn’t occur to me at first until he wanted to walk back and forth a few times.  So, age didn’t matter (good) but the nipples did.  The point being is that breast watching is timeless.  And, the bigger point is that love the ones you have, especially if you are lucky enough to have them healthy and intact.

Check out the MM post and come back to BlogHer and let me know what you think about why society is fixated on breasts.  

I really didn’t think much about the Oscar’s illustrious boob song, other than it seemed rather adolescent, until I recently saw a click through to the best celebrity breasts.  That made me think about what was meant by the BEST breasts, beyond who has them and what shape they are in.  To me the best ones are healthy breasts; breasts that are cancer free, breasts that are used to breastfeed and breasts that survived a life time of just being with us.  

So much about breasts monopolizes our lives.   For example, think of Anne Hathaway’s Oscar dress or the attention one gets when they show cleavage.  I read an article on one star’s lament for not wearing a bra one year while wearing a slinky revealing dress.  Heaven help us if someone accidentally shows a nipple.  

Goodness knows how much debate there is about whether breastfeeding should be done in public or not.  The debaters sometimes forget that the breast is about nutrition and not an erotic action.  The noise about BOOBS is loud.  

Why are we so obsessed??
One frequently asked question from teens that the health experts (and I am one) at the beinggirl.com website receive is:  How can I make my breasts larger?  This is how we respond:  

There are no pills, creams, exercises or food for increasing breast size.  Breast development, body style, and height are determined by genetics.  Look at your mom, grandmother, sisters or aunts you on both sides of your family.  You breasts will look like those of relatives more than those of your friends.  Some women and teens are bigger breasted than others. This just the way things happen.  Be happy you are growing healthy and learn to love the body you have!


Credit for the graphic goes to SunbonnetSmart.  Thanks again Robin!

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