What the blankety blank happened to my motivation?

4 years ago
     I'm going to blame it on the holidays because I don't want to accept personal responsibility for this.  The question is, what in the world happened to my motivation?  Has this ever happened to you?  You're on a great path, getting stuff done, completely focused and then all of a sudden, BAM!  It's all gone.  Nothing is getting done that's productive and your time is spent being busy but you're not accomplishing a thing.
    As I sit here in my pajamas at 2:33 in the afternoon, yes, I know it's pathetic, I'm just scratching my head wondering what I'm going to do to get back on track.   
     Let me start with the holidays.  I live in Singapore as an Expat.  One of my best friends from Texas decided to come visit right before Christmas and wha la....I fell off the bandwagon.  So far off, I can't even see the road anymore.  I'm in the woods just wondering around like a vagabond....laadeeda.    
     Here is where it all started: we had a trip booked for India, we went, I ate a ton of carbs and had a total blast.  Let me tell you, India has the best carbohydrates ever and my clothes revealed the signs even before I returned home; I swear, my butt grew horizontally by an inch.  
     Well, my friend left before Christmas.  It's now February.  Yea, another pathetic point.  At this stage in the procrastination game, I am so aggravated with myself.  Here's why: I run my own business, a fitness business for moms.  How ironic, right?  Best part is, my personal motto is "Get your sh&t together."  I say this for just about anything that goes awry.  Traffic jams, my kids not doing their homework, cashiers being too slow.  You get the point.  So, what's up with me?  
     Let me tell you: I've been lazy and disorganized.  There, I've admitted it. Has this ever happened to you?  Now, the question is, what comes next?  What is it that is going to take to make me get back on the bandwagon?  I've been wandering the woods for way too long!    
     The answer lies in a shipment I'm waiting on that should be arriving in the mail from Bodybuilding.com.  In it will be my fat burner and pre-workout supplements and a protein powder.  Once this arrives, I'll be ready to do a 60 day bikini body challenge.  I'm going to get my little tushy back in shape-literally.  We all know about goals.  Turns out, I need a challenge like this to get focused again.   
     Stay tuned and feel free to share your struggles, too.  Lord knows we all need all the support we can get.     
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