Weighty Story (Part 2)

6 years ago
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2003 - 2005

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My first week in Columbia in the fall of 2003 I was c. 5kgs heavier than in highschool and 5kgs heavier than now.

By that time I knew that something must change because I was not happy with the way I looked so I opted out of the all inclusive dining hall option. I was going to feed myself. Columbia is very different from Cornell in that it is in Manhattan so the take away/dining options are virtually unlimitted and available 24/7. My diet consisted of bagels (I still have a bagel problem - they are one of my comfort foods) and falafel take aways. Bagel proof:

I substituted my Cheetos daily habit for ice cream...if you need to know anything about me you should know that chocolate ice cream is the gift of Gods as far as I am concerned and if you want me to love you forever, you should not be judgemental and you should smile when you see me devour a whole tub of ice cream for dinner. And you should never comment...I am talking to you mom!

We had a Häagen-Dazs® shop across the street and I spent all of my money there so I am still not sure why I didn't just do the honest thing and buy the shop my first week - I think the cost would have been about the same.

In the dorms of Columbia I also gave cooking a try for the first time. Even back then I think I knew that I could really enjoy cooking. But I also quickly discovered that cooking in a dorm was not fun - it really can't be when your whole kitchen equipment consists of a small pan, a knife, a fork and a spoon and to top it all you have to fight with the other students over the stove. So I only cooked 3 times in Columbia as far as I can remember and they were all memorable, unfortunately...The first two times I cooked a potato and peas vegetarian dish and both times I had terrible stomach cramps afterwards. I was sharing this with my sister back then and she of course asked me to give her the recipe I was using to see if I was doing something wrong. She advised me not to put a whole tube of tomato paste when I cook (I know, duh...but back then this was a true revelation to me!) Encouraged that I could cook and not get stomach cramps I gave it a third try.


(these are from early 2004 so excuse the poor picture quality please!)


Look at me - a young innocent Martha Stewart before the prison break!


These pictures in the dorm kitchen are so comical having in mind what happened about 30 seconds after the picture above was taken...

I was blissfully washing the grapes and preparing a home made breakfast for me and Bugi (yes, back then washing fruits from the supermarket counted as a home made breakfast, don't judge!) And then...a giant rat jumped from the inside of one of the kitchen cupboards! It landed on my hand and quickly ran away. As you can imagine I went crazy, screaming and crying to the point that I don't exactly recall what happened after that. Next thing I remember I was sobbing in my room, vowing to never ever go in the kitchen again and begging Bugi to go back there and throw away all the fruits and my pot, my spoon, my fork and my knife. He did and I didn't have to go in that kitchen ever again and for that I will love him till I die. True love, I tell you! In the interest of keeping this blog honest I feel I have to share that the giant rat might or might not have been a tiny scared mouse (this is Bugi's belief). I can't be certain for sure but I do know there was touching involved! Yucky yucky!

Anywho...this was my last attempt to cook in college and in Manhattan so I returned to my diet of ice cream, falafel and burgers. And the weight kept piling up. I was not happy with the way I looked so I kept restricting my food intake until I couldn't take it anymore and I surrendered to the next tub of ice cream. Having done some research recently I have discovered that this type of behaviour has a name and is called binge eating. It could be considered a form of disordered eating. It is a vicious cycle that I was stuck in ever since 2002. I only broke it recently but more on that in the next chapter. So my weight kept going up and down during college but I somehow graduated from Columbia only 2 kgs heavier than my first day there. A total of 7 kgs heavier than my highschool weight and my weight today.

To be continued....