Weight Watchers--the first 3 days

6 years ago

Day 1

As my weight loss plan of breastfeeding, walking up & down the stairs 900 times per day carrying my daughter, and eating whatever junk food I want doesn't seem to be working for me I decided to suck it up and join Weight Watchers...again...for the 3rd time.  The only consistent thing I've done in my life is quit Weight Watchers.  Not because it doesn't work, but because I'm a gluttonous pig who enjoys alcohol and appetizers too much.  I could live off chicken wings and wine beer.  Excuse any typos in this post as I'm watching a show on NatGeo in which scientists theorize what methods aliens might use to attack the Earth and how to survive such an attack (apparently if you live in NYC you best get yourself a dingy in which to row off Manhatten and to safety upstate...subway tunnels may also save you, but apparently these scientists did not see Cloverfield.  Aliens, for some reason, are also unable to find people in caves.  It's a good thing my belly button currently looks like the cave they filmed The Descent in.  I might could save Paul and Emma in there.).

Anyways, back to Weight Watchers.  I am going to  lose weight because I am STARVING!  And I even get extra points because I'm breastfeeding.  I actually had 2 salads today...unfortunately they were not low calorie salads.  I don't even want to imagine how many points that Cracker Barrel BLT salad with ranch dressing I had for lunch was.  WW suggests leaving the dressing on the side.  What!  The ranch dressing is the best part (next to the bacon and the huge wedge of colby cheese that is).  It is surprisingly hard to find out how many points that salad is and how many bad websites use Cracker Barrel food descriptions to try and get you on their site (thank goodness my computer warned me!). 

I did really well snacking today though.  For the first time in oh like 2 years I think I got my required daily amount of fruits, vegetables, and water (the water part may have also been due to the fact that I needed to go to the grocery and all I had in my house to drink was water).  And I refrained from buying any junk food at the store or stopping for the iced coffees I love so much (my heart burn has been a little out of control due to my coffee drinking).  Good thing cantelope is free points because I ate an ENTIRE one. 

Bethenny Frankel led me astray at dinner time though.  I foolishly assumed that all her recipes were healthy because you know she's all Skinny Girl this and Skinny Girl that and workout dvd and hey, do some yoga when the baby sleeps (thanks for that tidbit...I'll tell my assistant to get on the cloth diaper washing and laundry and dirty dishes asap).

Side note:  The alien show is using an actual voice clip of Obama speaking out to survivors.  Oh, and the majority of us will die in the attack.

So, I found this Asian shrimp salad recipe of Bethenny's.  I love it.  Did I say I love it?  As in I eat in every day almost.  This may also have led to me gaining back a few pounds lately because when I put the ingredients in the recipe builder in WW it was 38 POINTS!  WTF Bethenny!!!!  The salad portion actually was only like 1 of those points...the salad dressing was the other 37.  Now granted this was for several servings, but still!  Sigh...

But I feel motivated.  I went to my friend Emily's son's first birthday party a few weeks ago and her and her other mommy friends are all super skinny.  More sighs...I refrained from hanging their pictures on my fridge as motivation because frankly that's a little creepy, but I may Facebook stalk them to keep myself motivated.  I want to be the skinny mom!  I want to be a MILF!  I want to be able to wear a bathingsuit without having to wine away the tears.  I want to wear a bikini when Paul, Emma, and I go to Turks & Caicos when he gets back (and not in the "wow that woman should NOT be wearing that bikini" kind of way). 

Yes, Paul and I have overindulged a little too much lately and it shows (I love you honey).  I don't want to teach Emma our unhealthy habits and cause her to be unhealthy as she grows up.  So, we are adopting a healthier lifestyle. 

Wish us luck!

PS  The aliens win...everytime...there is very little hope for the humans.  I should turn this off.  Thanks NatGeo.

Day 2

Clearly day 2 of WW has gone well.  I emailed a friend who is a lifetime member of WW and looks super amazing--def a hot mom.  She said go to the meetings.  I had already signed up for 3 months of WW online and don't have a sitter for the munchkin, but am thinking I might could go to meetings this fall when we are down with my family. 

The munchkin woke up at 3:30am and again at 6:00am for boobie juice.  This doesn't really bother me as I miss her when we're sleeping.  So my day started with me throwing on a very attractive outfit at 6:30am to take the garbage out as I was too lazy to do it last night.  As I had to throw away our old, plow damaged mailbox that my husband left lying in the weeds by our garbage can I also got to contemplate what I would do if confronted by a snake or spider (I mean really is there a better home for a snake or spider than an abandoned mailbox lying on the ground).  Rest assured no animals were seen as I gingerly hailed this stupid mailbox out of the weeds while trying to touch as little of it as possible in case the aforementioned snake or spider made an appearance.  The munchkin then let me sleep for another couple hours and we were up and headed downstairs by 9am. 

The first crisis of the day was a family medical issue.  It wasn't really a crisis for me as there wasn't much I could do, but def involved coordination, etc. for other people.  Things seem to be worked out, but there were numerous phone calls between parties all day as well as stress and worry. 

The munchkin has not pooped in a week which has led to her being quite fussy all day.  We've done the thermometer trick, belly massage, bicycles, warm bath.  No poop.  My plan is that if she had not pooped tonight to call the ped in the morning.  This will be important in the rest of the story. 

I love Chili's chips, queso, and salsa.  Thanks to WW I will never be able to eat there again as I looked up online to see how many points my usual Chili's lunch was.  Let's just say the mystery of how I've gotten so fat is no longer a mystery.  If you don't follow me on twitter (Jenn_uineLife in case you are interested in my mostly random and I hope funny tweets) then you may have missed that I ate at Chili's not once, not twice, but 3 times last week. 

So, I'm trying to figure out where I can eat lunch and stay in my point range and fill out stuff for the post office as my daughter fusses.  I finally just threw her in the car seat and we headed to Friendly's.  My grilled cheese, fries, and ice tea was surprisingly not as many points as you'd think.  Plus up to this point I'd had almost no points thanks to the banana I had for breakfast.  Hallelujah she slept through lunch.  We headed home and she actually let me finish filling out the envelopes.  I nursed her and we headed to the post office.

The men that work at our post office are awesome.  I got a lollipop. 

We then headed to B&N so I could check out the new Nook.  I pre-ordered one even though I'm still not super sure about it.  I def didn't want the color one b/c I wanted to read outside, but the new one seems to have such a small reading surface.  I don't have to buy it when it gets in so we shall see. 

I gave the munchkin a bottle at B&N, got me a skinny iced latte, and took her to the restroom to change.  Munchkin is in the phase of loud noises scaring her which results in her crying.  I dropped the diaper wipes box on the tile and she started crying. 

And then she pitched a fit.  You know the kind of fit that causes other people to stare at you in horror and pity as your child stiffens their entire body and screeches like a banshee.  I felt so bad for her!   Of course it was 4:30pm and our ped was gone for the day so I called my lactation consultant.  She could hear the screaming and suggested I call the on call doctor.  The munchkin literally cried herself to sleep in the car and has been reasonably okay since then.  It's a good thing since the on call doctor never called me back!  I will be following up tomorrow as she still hasn't pooped and still a little fussy. 

So, it has been a long day and I am having a glass of wine or two (I had boobie juice in the fridge I needed to use up anyways).  Thank goodness hubby comes home tonight because I am exhausted!  I don't know how single moms do this.  God bless them!  Here's hoping tomorrow is less stressful.

Day 3

Let me just say I think I did fairly well on my WW today especially as compared to yesterday.  For those of you familiar with the old points system the new points plus system is different.  You get your daily points plus weekly points to use however you want.  I, of course, have been tearing up not only my daily points, but have also dipped into a significant portion of my weekly points.  Starting WW has made me much more aware of how much fat and crap is actually entering my body. 

Today though I really tried to make a more conscious effort to stay within my daily points and I think I did it!  We even went to Chili's for lunch and I turned down chips and salsa.  Did you hear me people????  I turned down chips and salsa!  I was sad to do it, but looking at my fat belly in the mirror also makes me sad. 

I even (wait for it) exercised today (cue shocked expression).  Okay, so I didn't run a marathon, but I did walk a mile pushing the baby in the stroller.  That, combined with the 900 times I go up and down the stairs carrying said baby, is 5 activity points baby!  Suh-weet! 

In baby news, little Miss Emma is 3 months old.  She is no longer a newborn and is now officially an infant.  She slept in her crib for the first time last night and I actually made it through the night and woke up in my own bed (for those of you who may have worried that I'd end up sleeping curled up on her floor).  She spent her birthday getting her belly xrayed as she hasn't pooped in 8 days and seemed slightly uncomfortable.  She did really well with the xray (I think she likes getting her naked on on the crinkly examining room paper) and with the doctor sticking her finger up her behind.  And we got the okay to start Emma on prune juice.  She, much like her 90 year old mother, sucked that prune juice down like nobodies business.  And she had a tiny little poop.  Plus she now weighs 13lbs 5oz (up from 11lbs 3oz at her 2 month well baby).  I can't believe how big she's getting and what a great personality she has!  We continue to love her like nothing else!

Here is hoping we wake up to a gigantic diaper full of poop tomorrow!  Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!  God bless our military!

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