Weight Loss Surgery and my worry about the opinions soon to come.

3 years ago

Robin's view

SO I have decided to have the Duodenal Switch surgery and I am still struggling to tell anyone about this. Why? I'm ashamed.I understand logically why I shouldn't be but we try to create an environment of support in our lives and this only seems like another reason people will judge us negatively.

The simple responses, just diet, (ok I want to punch you) try this exercise, up your protein stop eating white food, why would you want to deform your body, isn't it just a lazy life style. Better yet, you just need to "decide" to change your life. So while I appreciate all the feedback, I've done all those things and yet I battle the weight up and down up and down. I understand why I should "decide" to change my life and I have but not in the way you might expect.

I have changed my ideas of food, my mental understanding about self-care and what I want my future to look like. If my supporters would try to do research and learn about the complexity of obesity, then I doubt they would think this was a matter of will power. I have proven time and again my will power by the overcoming life's hurdles and challenges. My life change included excluding people who are toxic. Learning to take care of myself, this is much harder than you can imagine with some of us. Lastly, I have changed a good deal and have been carving out a new life for myself and this is just another step on that road.

Why do I have to debate with people over and over about why? The quick answer is, "we love you and don't want you to take the easy way out and maybe make it worse in the future." Huh? This has not been easy and, 'I am thinking' about my longterm health plan. Obesity cuts all social and ethnic barriers, rich, poor, old, young, white, black, reglious differences and if will power alone was the key we would have discovered this long ago. So my friends, just love and support me and either be willing to learn about the medical conditions I am dealing with now and the ones to come due to my morbid obesity and get on board the bus or I will roll right past you. Otherwise I can not share my journey with you and I need all the supportive people I can get. 

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