The Week of my first 5K walk/jog program for Me and My Ego!

3 years ago

Week 1 Monday 5-26-14 Day 1 5K walk/ jog

First 24 Minutes First 24 Minutes

After finishing my walk 5K I was a little nervous about actually trying to jog. I haven’t felt this good for so long I didn’t want to screw it up. But, I figured if I made it great, and if I didn’t well at least I tried. I started out with a 5 minute warm-up and then I jogged for 1 minute/walked for 3. And, I would like to inform you. I did it, and it felt pretty good. My feet and my legs held up nicely; however, my heart and lungs thought they were going to DIE. That’s what I get for smoking. Picked that bad habit up at 15 years old with some girlfriends. I don’t smoke anymore thank goodness that was one bad habit I broke. And, how did I do that? I started cartooning. It got me through the times when I wanted a ciggy. I still would smoke socially here and there. Then as I got older the smoking just became stupid. Once in a while I just might break bad and have a ciggy when I am in Vegas gambling and giving them all of my money. But, then again that might be my Ego causing me to do such senseless things. As for now, the ciggy’s are gone and my new adventure is to run this race and get my heart and lungs into good shape. I want to be a healthy grandma for my grandbabies.

Miz B and Grandma Miz B and Grandma
Miz Harper & Grandma Miz Harper & Grandma

Week 1 Tuesday 5-27-14 Day 2 5K walk/ jog

I ordered myself a Strength-Training thingy workout Tape. Now, I have to begin super slowly with something like this because of Mr. Freakingfibromyalgia. He causes huge knots in my arms and legs when I try to do weight training. So, I got myself a HUGE hand held weight set weighing in at 2 LBS. Now, watch out people because I will have biceps as big as the Green Hulk. ;o) I did my 20 minutes and I seriously felt like I wasn't doing much. However, my hubby reminded me that I must go SLOW and not over do it because my EGO is telling me too. I have listened to Crazy Daisy before and ended up hurting myself and quitting all together. This time I am kicking her crazy A$@ to the curb.  I am noticing that I have a lot of soreness in my legs. It must have been from the squats I did with the program. I have some knots back. So, I am hoping I can make it until next month for my cupping session. If I can’t then I will reschedule sooner. I can’t let the Mr. Freakingfibromylagia win. I must keep going forward and reach out for help when I need it.

You Suck You Suck

 Week 1 Wednesday 5-28-14 Day 3 5K walk/jog

I was like the walking dead this morning. HOWEVER, I got my bum up and went outside for my walk/jog program with my new PEPPER SPRAY. You just never know when a creepy might show up. Who would have thought that jogging 1 minute would damn near kill me. You should have seen the COWS and the HORSE looking at me. I’m thinking they are thinking, “What is that fool HUMAN doing.” I’m not going to lie. It wasn’t easy to get myself going this morning. It would have been way easier, getting my cup of Java, sitting my butt down and looking at all the crazy stuff on FaceBook. But, that isn’t going to get me healthy and reach my goal. AND, FaceBook will always be there. My program was just 24 minutes for Goodness Sakes, and it's so pretty outside in the fresh morning air. You get to see lots of stuff like big huge beer bottles from litter bugs. I would have picked it up, but I am running  - well, ok walking/jogging at the speed of a snail. Maybe the County should get some of those people out of jail and let them pick up. They could use the fresh air for sure.  PS. I think rigamortis is setting in. It’s back to the Chiropractor I go.

My New Friends My New Friends
Friends... Friends...
Litter Bugs Litter Bugs
Fresh Air Fresh Air

Week 1 Thursday 5-29-14 Day 4 5K walk/jog

The Chiropractor helped me once again. Thanks Kristina. However, I have discovered that my body HATES weight-lifting. HATES IT.. I have to wonder if it’s really even worth the pain of trying to do something that my body fights 100%. I noticed that when I do sit-ups if I lift my head up my neck FREAKS and then Mr. Freakingfibromyalgia shows up once again and comes racing out and locks into my muscles. When my muscles freak they really go nuts. They get so tight it makes me sick to my stomach. That is why I have stopped exercising so many times in my past. So, today I tossed the DOG a bone. I really would like to have some kind of weight-lifting in my life. I don’t want to grow into an old woman and not be able to carry my own groceries out to my car. So frustrating.. Errrrrrrrr Today I did my pilates and gave myself a pretty easy workout. Not much to that program, but it’s better than doing NOTHING at all. Keep moving I say.. Keep Moving…

Week 1 Friday 5-30-14 Day 5 5K walk/ jog

Well, I was hoping that my Mr. Freakingfibromyalgia had settled down, but NOOOOOOO he wanted to kick it up to high gear and make my life a living cantankerous mess. DAMN IT. I am trying to smile about this, but I will be honest. I am ticked off. I went on my walk/jog today and I was hoping my neck would settle down, but it hasn’t yet.  SO, I had to DRUG THE DAMN DOG! I did. I put on this patch with Menthol and Methyl Salicylate in it and my new perfume smells like something out of the nursing home.

Smelling GOOD Smelling GOOD

I know that any 90 plus year old man wondering around can smell me in a New York Minute and would love to take me out to lunch. (kidding) I also popped me some ibuprofen and a Cymbalta. I don’t like doing this, but sometimes I just have too.  I shouldn’t have done those sit-ups; those stupid things kill my neck every time no matter which way I do them. I don’t care if I ever get a six-pack in fact I probably have one, but you can’t see it because it’s hiding under my round ball of lard that has made it’s permanent home on my stomach area. Hello, I’m 51 years old; I think I am entitled to some blubber. My neck, now that’s a story. I guess I shouldn’t have thought I was a champion water-skier when I was younger. Yes, another brilliant idea Susie had. NOT! So, I am going back in to Jeannien Lopez my massage friend from Evolve to have her work some supernatural magic on my neck and shoulder area. If you need her give her a call at 509-469-9974.

Jeannien & Me Jeannien & Me

Week 1 Saturday 5-31-14 Day 6 5K walk/ jog

Well, I went to the Chiropractor and had some cupping done. It helped, but not enough to help me get these muscles to settle DOWN. So, I spent 1 ½ hours stretching and having hubby Jeff hit some pressure points to get this crap out. I of course KILLED THE DOG today. But, after all of that work with chiropractor care, cupping, stretching and hubby help. It worked. I ended up spending my afternoon golfing with hubby Jeff. Yes, yes he kicked my butt at golf. But, you should have seen that putt it was amazing. Wink wink.

Golf is Just Sweet Golf is Just Sweet
Pink Balls Pink Balls
Hubby Jeff xoxox Hubby Jeff xoxox

Hubby helped me with my knots with this handy dandy gadget I bought. I have lots of gadgets. I just might show you one day.

Handy Dandy Gadget Handy Dandy Gadget


Week 1 Sunday 6-1-14 Day 7 5K walk/ jog

God rested so shall I… However, God and I had a little chat and I have to switch my Sunday for my Monday I have to get up super early for a dentist appointment. Looking for a new dentist? Call Dr. David Brown at 509-966-0303. His staff is wonderful and Dr. is a cutie pie. :O)

So, today I will do my walk/jog 24 minutes. My shoulder and neck are still sore from me abusing it, but it's just going to have to buck-it-up.. One thing I know for sure, "GETTING OLD ISN'T FOR WIMPS."

Ok, so I went out and did my big 24 minutes walk/jog in 82 degrees. Can we say, "STUPID..." my 1 minute jog turned into a 30 second I am dying jog and I was moving like a Sloth.

Sloth Sloth

Lesson learned to day.. Never wear cotton socks makes your feet super hot and do your workout earlier in the morning.

HOWEVER, my neck and shoulder are way better now. YEAH!




Have a safe and happy week.



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