Wax on, wax off that facial hair

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I had no idea when the hair first appeared on my face. I am talking about hair all over my face and it's quite horrible. Imagine I had hair on my upper chin, hair above the brow and everywhere on my face.

One morning I had a sideburn already. Next thing I know, I was plucking out the hairs with my red tweezer and kept on plucking to no avail. I saw to my horror that the hairs already thickened on my upper chin.

It looked as if my eyebrow went down to my chin. I was scared that I may get a goatee one of these days. Here in the US, they describe this facial hair on the chin and cheeks as “whiskers."

Whatever it's called it's unwanted hair to me. I was alarmed. Me with facial hair? I'm not a “he”, I am a she. No doubt about it, at my age I don’t doubt my femininity and I love being a woman.

Do you know there are people who would freak out if they see facial hair? I don’t blame them actually. I feel ugly seeing those facial hairs. This facial hair is becoming a problem to me.

How would you describe yourself when you wake up one morning and seeing yourself covered with facial hair?

Is it an overnight hair overgrowth? Spare me a minute as I tell you how I discovered my facial hair growth.

Due to the fast pace of life in the US, I sometimes didn't have enough time to attend to my personal appearance other than the customary brushing of teeth, washing of the face and applying light makeup.

Light make up consists of matte lipstick in the morning and SPF. That’s it. One day last year when I was readying myself for exams in my paralegal class, I went to the bathroom to see if I was presentable. 

I thought I saw a woman with a mustache when I entered the rest room. I thought she looked familiar. A closer look at the mirror, though, showed that the woman was me. Oh God, it was me.

But I'm a woman, not a man. I looked horrible. It was shocking to see me with that facial hair. What happened to me yesterday that I became a he and sported a cute beard.

Believe you me I ended up covering my upper lip and mouth throughout the night and I couldn't wait to go home and start plucking or shaving the facial hair. The problem was, the faster and harder I plucked, the tougher the facial hair got.

I thought of shaving it off, but I remembered what happened to my legs; years ago hair on my legs were just normal and when I started shaving the hair fought back and I had to work on it overtime. Tsk tsk.

So with the option of shaving out of the way, I tried to use commercial wax but the wax glued my upper lip to my nose, exposing my teeth. Really it did.

So here I am finding ways to deal with my pesky facial hair and dreaming up ways on how to remove it, if not once and for all, at least down to a barest minimum. Any of you have ideas out there?

(Taken from www.wax-strips.com)

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