Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

4 years ago

Interesting Dutch Fact #1: water is not free in restaurants, not even tap water, and I can only remember seeing water fountains in museums...if at all.

Yes, I have been a complainer of awful tasting water that comes from water fountains. The first thing I usually did in a new location (school, conference, etc.) was to seek out the FREE water. I also always ordered water at restaurants, because it was free! Free, relatively clean, wonderful, life preserving water! Now that I live in the Netherlands I miss my metallic tasting thirst quenching water from conveniently placed water fountains (okay not the metallic tasting part). Oh oh oh the things you don't appreciate until they are gone. 

Why am I talking about water- water fountains- and lack thereof. Well simply to remind you of one of the simplest, cheapest way to take a healthy step: drink water! Now there are two parts to this idea- drinking more water and drinking less sugar/caffeine based drinks. Both steps have health benefits and are relatively easy to incorporate into any lifestyle! 


First, water is free. Many people complain that living a healthy lifestyle is expensive- and often that is true when you consider the pre-packaged weight loss programs. To be healthy and thrifty- now that is talent! Drinking water instead of coffee, tea, sweet tea (if you are southern lady like me), soda, milk, juice etc. is free and also calorie free. You can save a pretty penny and also pretty calories by drinking water.

Second, people in the 'Western' world have also been said to be chronically dehydrated. This dehydration is not caused by lack of water, but more so by our inability to realize we are thirsty! Interestingly enough thirst can be mistaken for hunger- which is a problem for anyone trying to do their waistline a favor or two. So by drinking water you eliminate natural signals that prompt you into unnecessary eating! By drinking water you also gain many health benefits such as:

1. You gain more energy! Mild dehydration has been found to be the main cause of daytime fatigue, and if you are not sure if dehydration=fatigue think about the people in movies crawling around in the desert because they have no water. Same thing here just less dramatic. So water=energy, and I'm not saying you will feel like superwoman, but hey it’s a start.

2. Water kicks your metabolism into gear, and helps regulate your appetite. Both are helpful in keeping yourself effortlessly shapely. 

3. Water is not just a cosmetic fix; it also reduces the risk of colon, bladder, and breast cancer. It also flushes out wastes and bacteria that can lead to diseases. This is also why detox programs often begin with participants drinking just water. [Note: I am not taking a stance on whether detox programs are good or bad- simply an explanatory note]. 

4. Water is also important for preventing and reducing headaches as well as joint and back pain! I know first hand that this is true in relation to headaches. So now I always drink two or three glasses of water if I feel a headache developing. 

5. Water also prevents constipation and helps with other potentially awkward or painful digestive problems. 

How much? 

- 8 cups a day or about three 20 oz water bottles. 

So I hope you all are sold on increasing your water consumption, and that you no longer under appreciate the convenience of free water. I look forward to the Christmas holidays when I fly home sweet home! Oh America the land of water fountains and free water at restaurants- oh how I have missed thee. 

* These entries are meant to be short, sweet, informative, and a bit funny- if you would like more information on the benefits of water send me an email at kecarte3@gmail.com

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