Vow to Ditch the Scale!

3 years ago

There is one place all women can agree they hate standing…and that is on a scale.  We wince as we wait for that number to flash, allowing it to define us and determine whether we are going to have a good or bad day (because we would never dare step on that evil thing if it wasn’t first thing in the morning, after going to the bathroom, and being stark naked…am I right?). 


Well, I have made a pact with myself starting this past weekend to not weight myself until July 1.  Recently, I’ve been having a lot of fun with my friends which obviously includes having our share of fancy drinks, delicious foods, and non-stop laughs.  Not to say I stopped taking care of myself, as I workout and lift 6-7 days a week.  I workout because it makes me feel good, I love being able to push and pull heavy weights and the feeling of just being strong as hell.  I don’t make myself go to the gym to burn off calories or because I want to look a certain way…if I did, I’d hate working out and view it as a dreaded chore.  Instead, I luckily just have a passion for staying fit and pushing myself physically and mentally. 


That doesn’t mean I don’t have my “fat” days, however.  I think it’s built in our female DNA to have them.  Wait no, society definitely injected our DNA with “fat” days.. . Anyway, after the last few weeks of more than occasional binges with friends (which I don’t regret one bit, I’ve had a blast!), I have to admit I am feeling a little bloated and puffy.  I weighed myself and started tracking daily weight fluctuations as progress or failure.  It quickly because an obsessive daily task for about 2 weeks and I would get frustrated when the scale wasn’t continuously going down, and sometimes up!  I ate perfectly yesterday, how does the scale say I gained a pound!  We all know what this is like.


So instead of focusing on the scale as my only measure of progress, I have insisted on ditching the scale altogether for three weeks (and who knows, maybe I won’t even have a desire to step on it after the three weeks is up!).  Instead, I’m focusing on my nutrition by eating whole, natural nutritious “clean” foods (and not in an obsessive “omg I ate 25 calories more than my 1000 calorie limit” way…btw, no one should be eating that little calories…) and just keeping my workouts the way they are (I already workout like a fiend because I truly love the high I get off of it, so it wouldn’t be beneficial for me to workout even more as I’d just get burnt out and weaker) and not consuming alcohol for three weeks as well, just to detox my body.


Simple changes, but I think the most important one is NOT weighing myself.  Therefore, I can NOT beat myself up or let the number determine whether I’m in a great or depressed mood that day first thing in the morning.  That is NOT the way to live, and certainly that number does not define who anyone is!  It’s ridiculous to think that in the (recent and distant) past, if the number gleamed “148.9” I’d have a great start to the day, however, if it flashed angrily at “150.1” I’d be depressed and most likely lead me to eat unhealthy and falling completely off the “wagon” because of the “well, what’s the point of this effort, I’m still ‘fat’” mentality…DUDE.. it’s only a 1.2lb difference, and if you hadn’t even weighed yourself you would most likely have felt the same about yourself and enjoyed that wonderful day you were given!


So I invite anyone else who wants to ditch the scale for the next three weeks to join me!  I think it’s a healthy start to not only improving yourself physically, but emotionally and mentally as well!

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