Why is it some people’s voices simply grate on me….?I am not sure…Everyone has their own unique voice and should…No two voices should sound exactly alike….I love voices….I love unique voices…Voices that set the person apart from another…..but there truly are some voices that need a tune up….

I love voice style…..A friend I used to call Aunt Pat (who was really like an Aunt to me growing up) had the most spectacular voice style of anyone I knew….She just had that perfect voice that everyone wanted to copy….I tried to copy her early on but realized I had my own voice and voice style and wanted to make mine Simply Fabulous rather than copy after someone else….

Voice Style can open many a door. Having a uniquely beautiful voice and voice style makes a person set apart from the rest. People remember your voice and often want to emulate it…..When you hear other people trying to copy your voice…consider it a compliment….They are simply reflecting to you that you have a beautiful voice..

Voice Style and Voice Mannerisms create VOICE BEAUTY......Voice Beauty in and of itself is beauty.....A beautiful looking person outwardly with no real voice style can hold a person back in life.....A great speaking voice both personally and in professional settings can change and enhance a person's life in the most wonderful ways...

You are uniquely You.....Don't try to copy anyone else....Simply find your own voice style or create it......Your voice is unique....simply fine tune it to make it uniquely beautifully yours......Great Voice Style can enhance a person's life and is very much a part of one's living their BEST LIFE....

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