A twist on Meat and Potatoes

6 years ago

A Go-To meal. Everyone has one, that meal that we make when we really don't feel like making anything. It's healthy and tasty and ridiculously easy to prepare. Not as easy as going to pick something up, and certainly not as tasty, but it'll do in a pinch and I've sorta grown to love mine-sorta. 

Chicken sausage is almost always in my freezer, I've tried quite a few different brands and honestly, they are all pretty much the same. Last night I added my usual 4 pinches of basil and 2 huge handful's of veggies to the pan for 10 minutes of simmering. 10 painfully long minutes of simmering.

The minutes were ticking by so slowly that I had to take a picture.

Looks good enough to eat right? YAY for my go-to meal!

This week the scale and I kept our distance, for no good reason really, except to try and eliminate some of my neurotic tendencies to step on it every single day, sometimes twice. Surprise, surprise it worked! Well, a little.

I didn't stress as much and also didn't hit the gym as much as I wanted to (only once) and managed to not gain or loose anything. It might not be something super awesome, but I think it's good to know that my everyday life, my eating habits, my decisions, keep me maintaining in a healthy way.

Celebrating the small victories and being more aware of the moments that make up our days & nights make the weight loss & maintain journey all that much more worth it. Living in the now and all that jazz. Perhaps it's not as difficult & daunting as it seems?

The good news is that this week has already started off a lot better, I've already got one workout in and my mile time is steady at 12 minutes! I'm looking forward to an entire week of successful workouts, mostly :D

I also have to include a photo of what my husband ate for dinner while I had my go-to meal. Because he loves to remind me that life is good for him and his ' I'm a man and eat whatever I want, whenever I want' approach to food works for him.

From his Life Challenge blog: Oh & yes, he's a photographer & can make a cheeseburger look a little like art.



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