4 years ago

When my alarm went off this morning, I thought to myself, "It's ONLY Tuesday!"  I can't quite believe this week is not yet near its end because I feel exhausted.  And apprehensive.  And stressed.  And tired.

Coffee will help my tiredness.  We are out of coffee, but luckily I have some Starbucks instant Via's hiding out in a cabinet for times like these.  My body is achy from my crazy workout yesterday and sore from the grueling efforts at running on the treadmill this morning for 30 minutes.  But I like the achiness and am glad I went.

The election is the cause of the apprehension.  I voted this morning with my kids and loved sharing that experience with them.  It is a gray foggy snowy day and the walk to the polling place felt wonderful.  

The stress is over my classes and finding babysitters and having my husband have to leave town leaving more need to find babysitters and me being unprepared and....take a breath....just feeling tired so not feeling like I can get it all done.

But of course I can.  I've done it before and this week is actually much easier than the last two weeks, but I think I was ready for it to be MUCH easier.  Ah well.

At least yesterday I was amazingly productive and got lots done that I don't like to do.  And perhaps, after coffee and dishes and picking up, I'll get some more things done that needto be done.

I'm so glad it's ONLY Tuesday because it means there is still a chance to get more done before all my thursday and saturday deadlines.  I can't even fathom going to the gym tomorrow - but I shall.  (I hope)

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