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Your lifestyle is inextricably intertwined with your weight. If you wish to shed some pounds, you must incorporate proper sleep, healthy nutrition, hydration and exercise in your lifestyle. You can get a thinner figure, only if you cut down on your calorie intake. And if you want to lose weight vigorously, you need to follow a low-calorie diet. You may do this by consuming 1200-1600 calories a day and making sure you keep a food diary to calculate exactly how many calories you’re taking in.

Whether it's a special occasion or a summer holiday, women often don't feel comfortable in their own bodies and want to lose weight quickly. And contrary to popular opinion, rapid weight loss doesn't mean spending more hours in the gym. Thus, if you want to know How To Lose 10 Pounds: This Is the Most Effective Diet For Weight Loss ... Diet of Life has an excellent review of the 7-day diet plan and was actually the first one to publish it.

If you're willing to commit to this healthy eating regimen, you will have to give up foods with high sugar content, gluten-packed foods, alcohol and carbonated drinks. That means saying goodbye to your favorite chocolate and other unhealthy snacks. But, on the other hand, you won't have to deal with weight-loss medicines and pills which are known to cause nausea, diarrhea and other symptoms.

The 7-day diet plan

If you follow this plan zealously, there’s a great chance you’ll lose 10 pounds by the end of the week. You will not only become slimmer, but you’ll also have positive benefits in terms of your skin and digestive system.  

Day one: Fruit day

The first day of this weight loss journey doesn’t start with breakfast. In fact, before the thought of breakfast even crosses your mind, make a weight loss drink by squeezing one fresh lemon into a glass of cold water. You should drink it on an empty stomach in order to flush the toxins out of your body and kick start your metabolism. You can start thinking about breakfast only after half an hour passes.

If you’re a fruit lover, you’ll be delighted to know that today’s menu is all about fruit. Except for bananas. Furthermore, there aren’t limitations as to how much fruit you can eat. If you want to lose 10 pounds in seven days, the best fruits for today are watermelon, apples, and citrus. Grapefruit is actually the best fruit for burning fat. It's low in sugar and rich in fiber, which helps improve digestion. Apples, on the other hand, keep your digestive system flowing smoothly and help eliminate toxins and waste.

When it comes to beverages, you will need to drink a lot of water not just on this day, but throughout the whole eating regimen. Therefore you should drink the weight loss drink and at least ten glasses of water. You’re also allowed to have green tea or black coffee.

Breakfast:  two apples and a pomegranate

Brunch: one orange

Lunch: one sliced watermelon and a pomegranate

Post lunch snack: one orange

Evening snack: one apple

Dinner: two oranges and one apple

If you want to see other options for breakfast on day one, feel free to check out Diet of Life.  

Day 2: Veggie day

Day 2 of this 7-day diet plan focuses on vegetables. It’s advisable to eat them raw, boil them or maybe make a salad with them. You may also season them with salt and pepper. Opt for healthy options like potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, lettuce and cabbage. On the other hand, if you want to lose 10 pounds, you’re not allowed to eat cream, butter, milk or use oil.

Potatoes are foods rich in important minerals like iron, potassium calcium and phosphorus. They’re a very good source of vitamins A, B, C, and P. Although many people think potatoes are fattening, they are 75 percent water. It’s the butter, sour cream and cheese that make them fattening!

The day 2 menu encourages drinking at least ten glasses of water. You can also drink green tea or black coffee again.

Breakfast: one boiled potato (with only salt).

Brunch: cabbage and lettuce salad

Lunch: mixed vegetable salad of lettuce, cabbage, onions, carrots, tomatoes, peas, corn, celery, and broccoli

Post lunch snack: a cup of boiled broccoli

Evening snack: boiled cauliflower with a light dressing

Dinner: raw vegetables

Day 3: Fruits and veggies

Day three is actually a combination of the first two days. Today your meal plan consists of fruits and vegetables, with a few limitations. Fruits and vegetables should be part of every healthy diet because they're rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Plus, they're low in calories. Always have in mind that portion size doesn't matter if you're eating healthy. In fact, if the foods are low-calorie, eating more is perfectly fine.

If you want to grill the vegetables, as it makes them taste better, remember that this leads to nutrition change. Thus, try grilling only a few vegetables. As mentioned before, raw vegetables or boiled vegetables are healthier choices. Don’t use oily products like cheese or butter. You may use only small amount of olive oil. When it comes to fruit choices, you can eat avocado and other fresh fruits, but, keep away from juices.

On the third day of this program, you are encouraged to drink at least 12 glasses of water, as well as coffee or green tea.

Breakfast: half a bowl of sliced apple

Brunch: half a sliced pineapple

Lunch: fruit and vegetable salad: oranges, grapes, currants, guavas, grapefruit green cabbage and red apples

Post lunch snack: half a sliced cantaloupe

Evening snack: one pear

Dinner: boiled broccoli, one sliced apple and two cups of chopped cabbage
Day 4: Banana day


You made it to day 4! You should be proud. This day is usually tough for dieters as they managed to stay away from their favorite foods for three days, and there are three more days after today. Also, some dieters may notice they’ve lost a few pounds. But, if by any chance you didn’t, stay strong. It’s normal to gain some weight when you begin a diet. Your body just has to get used to this new routine. You’ll start losing body fat in no time.

The whole fourth-day meal plan is dedicated to the benefits of banana. Over the course of the day, you should eat eight bananas, spread across your meal and snack times. This fruit is ideal for both healthy weight gain and weight loss. Bananas are an excellent energy source. In addition to being completely fat-free, they have extremely high fiber content and help you lower your cholesterol. Milk is also an important addition to today’s menu. The best option is plain skimmed cow’s milk. But if you have to drink almond or soy milk, drink half the amount as they contain more calories.

Regarding beverages on this day, you will have to drink three glasses of skimmed milk and at least glasses of water. And don’t forget you may also choose green tea or black coffee.

Breakfast: two large bananas and a glass of skimmed milk

Brunch: one banana milkshake (you can add half a teaspoon of honey as a sweetener)

Lunch: diet soup made of onion, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce leaves, green chili peppers, carrot

Post lunch snack: banana milkshake

Evening snack: two medium bananas and a glass of skimmed milk

Dinner: two large bananas and a glass of skimmed milk

Day 5: Rice and tomatoes day

Now you are more than halfway to losing 10 pounds! Some people will feel as if they lost weight, but always remember that weight loss varies from person to person, as everyone’s different. The first five days are usually the hardest and most discouraging. Nevertheless, take a moment to notice how better you feel because you’re eating well and you’ll find the will to carry on!

Day 5 offers meal options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians in the form of brown rice and fish/chicken. In addition, tomatoes are a key part of today's menu. This eating regimen outlines you should eat six tomatoes, whether all at once or separately during different meals. You can also flavor them with salt and pepper. Moreover, use only fresh fruit.

On the fifth day, you are supposed to drink at least 12 glasses of water and ½ glass of skimmed milk. Of course, you can also drink green tea or coffee.

Breakfast: two tomatoes

Brunch: a cup of yogurt

Lunch: two tomatoes and a bowl of cooked rice or chicken/fish

Post lunch snack: a salad with onions and sprouts

Evening snack: one apple, one pear and ½ glass of skimmed milk

Dinner: diet soup made of onion, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce leaves, green chili peppers, carrot

Day 6: Rice, vegetables and soup day

You are very close to the finish line! You can’t give up now! This day is another vegetable day where you could also eat a small bowl of rice. Try to avoid cheese, butter, and oil, as they will do more harm than good. You may have one small bowl of boiled vegetables, one small bowl of brown rice, a bowl of salad or soup. If you're aiming for a non-vegetarian menu you can have lean fish instead of rice.

Brown rice is included in this healthy regimen to lose 10 pounds since it’s more nutritious and filling than white rice. Furthermore, the same applies to eating raw vegetables. You also burn more calories to chew and digest them when they’re raw.

In addition to drinking ten glasses of water, you may also have green tea, coffee. Green tea is often heralded as one of the healthiest weight loss drinks. For instance, if you drink three cups of green tea a day, you can burn up to 80 calories. If you find the taste too bitter, you can sweeten it with honey.

Breakfast: a bowl of mixed boiled vegetables with a pear

Brunch: ½ bowl of boiled red kidneys

Lunch: a bowl of brown rice/fish/chicken breast with the diet soup

Post lunch snack: one apple

Evening snack: a bowl of sprouted or boiled lentils

Dinner: a bowl of boiled vegetables

Day 7: Rice, soup and juice day

Give yourself a big pat on the back because you made it to day seven! If you haven’t succumbed to any high-calorie treats, you should have lost 10 pounds. You should also notice positive effects on your skin and digestive system. You will also feel a lack of energy because you’ve been eating less than usual. If you want to boost your energy and stay focused, you can start your day with fruit and fruit juice.

Fruits and fruit juice on the meal plan will help you keep your blood sugar up so that you can be concentrated on your daily routine. You can either use fresh juice or make your own. If you want to reach your weight goal in a week, drink grapefruit and orange juice.

Breakfast: a mixed vegetable salad with a glass of orange juice

Brunch: one cup of carrot sticks with fresh berries

Lunch: a cup of brown rice with a bowl of boiled vegetables

Post lunch snack: a few carrots with a glass of orange juice

Evening snack: a mixed vegetable salad

Dinner: diet soup

How to keep the pounds off

Reaching your ideal weight is a remarkable accomplishment, one that comes only with a lot of effort, dedication, and endurance. Weight loss journeys are very common, and unfortunately, a lot of people fail on the way to achieving their desired weight. If you are serious about maintaining a healthy diet, there's a certain daily routine you should follow. While you're on a diet, you develop new healthy habits and exercise daily. But, just imagine what would happen if you were to incorporate these new habits into your lifestyle. It won’t be as hard as when you first started because now you know what to expect.

According to health experts, there’s a reason we gain weight in the first place. Let’s assume this is true. It would mean that when we are losing or keeping weight off, there is something that triggers us to turn to food for comfort. Once we know what it is, it’s easier to kick the habit.

Exercise to maintain a healthy weight

Exercise is a very important part of every healthy diet. It's advisable to exercise at least half an hour each day for five days a week if you want to lose 10 pounds. It’s very easy to revert to your old habits after you achieved a goal, but if you quit your workout routine, you’ll experience a serious setback.

You will burn calories regardless of what kind of exercise you’re doing. Though, of course, some burn more than others. You can start with a light exercise routine and keep watch of your weight by weighing yourself regularly. Once a week is more than enough. Thus, if you notice you’re putting on weight, you will increase your physical activity and reduce calories. If you want to know more about exercise during this diet plan, read the information on Diet of Life.

Maintain a balance between proteins, fat, and carbs

Another way to keep weight off is by avoiding carbohydrates and increasing protein consumption. Try to include salads, vegetable, and fruits in your healthy diet and create balanced meals. It would also be helpful if you plan meals beforehand. By making a schedule, you gain control over what you eat. Furthermore, don’t skip meals as getting too hungry will lead to overeating. You should also strive to eat moderate portions. It isn’t good to eat neither too big nor too small portions. All good things in moderation. So, have in mind that chocolate for dessert is okay once in a while.   

You should also try not to be stressed. Take it easy and don’t be obsessed with your weight. Eat good carbs and proteins. Opt for black beans, chickpeas, lentils which contain high levels of protein and fiber. Moreover, whole-grain foods such as bread, rice, pasta are more nourishing than white-flour foods.

Deal with cravings

Maintaining weight is no easy task. This is why it’s important to allow yourself a treat. You earned it. After a week of controlling your calorie intake and working out, you may enjoy your favorite high-calorie meals. But in moderation. Make this maintenance diet a fun and easy one, so it can become a part of your life and not a struggle like losing weight.

However, if you can control your cravings for sugary, fatty snacks, it's best to eliminate them completely. For instance, if you're trying to stay away from French fries, avoid them completely to stop the urges. It can be hard to have only a "few bites" of something you love. You won't be able to stop yourself. The cravings will increase and you'll end up having a full plate of French fries which is not good for maintaining weight.


All things considered, sticking to such a strict diet may be a difficult process, but with the right determination, you can make it. If you exercise and follow the plan "how to lose 10 pounds in a week", you'll be awarded fast weight loss. Don’t forget to check out Diet of Life if you want to see the first diet and exercise plan to lose 10 pounds in seven days.

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