Truthseekers: Eggs are bad for your heart

4 years ago

Lets Look at the Big Picture for Cholesterol:

One of the biggest nutrition myths that I hear is that eggs must be limited because they are bad for your heart.  Just remember: Not all cholesterol is what its cracked up to be!  Yes, eggs contain cholesterol, but we are now learning through research that cholesterol in the diet doesn't raise cholesterol in the blood  (1).  Egg yolks contain a fair amount of fat, but more comes from unsaturated fat than saturated.  This type of fat is known to increase HDL's (the good guy) in the blood.  These HDL's are known to help decrease heart disease (2). The LDL's are the bad guys that line the artery walls and stick to cause that nasty clogging.  HDL's help to remove the LDL's which is why a breakdown of total cholesterol is always good to ask for when you get those blood test results at the doctor.

What Makes an Egg so Nutritious? 

Eggs that come from chickens that are fed naturally in their own environment tend to have higher nutritional value so try to buy eggs that are cage-free, or free-range. Eggs are high in Selenium, B12, Choline and Iron. As far as protein is concerned, the egg is considered one of the best natural forms of protein available. It has a high biological value (HBV).  It is good for us to get our protein from sources that have HBV because these are more easily absorbed and readily used by our body.

So, how do you like your eggs?

-Wendie Schneider RDN, MBA "The Pantry Doctor"

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