The truth about Carcinophobia and how to treat this rare and irrational fear of cancer

4 years ago

Carcinophobia is a comparatively rare phobia, which consists of extreme and irrational fear of getting cancer. People affected with carcinophobia often display symptoms close to those to other disorders such as OCD and social phobia, for example. They will tend to think that they can get cancer from anything, and that it is contagious, which clearly is not the case. This extreme fear will cause people suffering of carcinophobia to frequently washing their hands, feel anxiety, panic and hyperventilation. Other symptoms include headaches, sweating, trembling and even panic attacks. The headaches are often “explained” by people with carcinophobia as brain tumors, which makes things even worse.  People with this phobia will often experience the feeling of dread and even terror.

Carcinophobes may stop going to work or going out because of the fear of contracting the disease.  This is just one reason for taking this condition seriously and seeking treatment for it, because this phobia can definitely damage one’s quality of life.

 Carcinoiphobia can be treated with hypnosis, behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, relaxation therapy and ant anxiety medications.

If left untreated, the people with carcinophobia might be under the constant and illusive stress that they have some sort of cancer, imagining symptoms and constantly looking for signs of the disease.

Carciophobia is associated with either an actual traumatic incident, which the affected person has experienced with actual cancer, such as having a false cancer scare or watching someone close go through a cancer battle, etc. Usually this phobia is associated with the extreme fear of dying, as well as almost constant worry about what will happen to the spouse, children, parents if one gets cancer and dies.

Experts have been trying to explain this relatively new type of phobia, and one explanation is that the more pain and suffering a condition involves, they greater the fear of it.  Also, the common feeling of patients when first diagnosed with cancer of total lack of control over the cancer has led to an almost universal fear of cancer. But those affected with carcinophobia go to extremes with this fear, and often will be incapable of living their lives normally because of this extreme fear, which may be combines with hypochondria and germophobia disorders as well. If left untreated, carcinophobia may lead people to making extreme decisions, with every single sign in the body immediately being transposed to a cancer symptom.

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