Triathlon Try - The Training Plan

6 years ago

My body is not cooperating.  I decided to sprint the last 200 metres of my run this morning.  And suffered.

Last fall, a friend of mine suggested we do the Diva Try together.  And I was like, "YEAH, LET'S DO IT!"  At that time I was getting up at 6am every day to hit the pool or the treadmill, and was absolutely, 100%, completely positive that I would be able to nail the endurance swim, do the 10k bike ride, run the 2.5k run, and then climb Mount Robson while balancing on a unicycle and sipping a skim/soy latte.

I mean, really.  Who couldn't?

And then I got busy with my kids, and my crew, and my student, and my family, and my husband, and began to feel the mind-numbing, body-dulling, emotional volatility of persistent sleep deprivation.  And Christmas Break came, and I learned how to sleep in again.

And slacked. my. ass.

Registration for the May 15th Diva Try was last weekend.  I gave my info, paid up, sat down and thought long and hard about how the hell I was going to make this happen.  I don't care what my times look like, or when I cross the finish line.  But I care about crossing the finish line.  A lot.  If I'm doing this race, I'm doing this race.  Ya' know?

Did I mention that I'd agreed to do the St. Patrick's Day 10k just a couple of days before this?

I have eight weeks to practice for the 10k run.  I've been doing 25 x 200m laps twice a week at the rec centre.  So if I do 3 additional laps each week until race day, I should be able to nail it.

I got the slicks on my bike, and brought out the old stationary trainer.  Thirty minutes once or twice a week on the trainer will help until the snow melts.  The jury is still out on whether I should rent a roadie, or just fit my old steel Kona with a sexy new aero-bar and some clips.

Swimming is a bigger problem for me.  You might know how good I am at sinking.  There was a period of time after my first round of swimming lessons that I enjoyed swimming so much that I couldn't wait to get into the pool, and got there as often as I could.  Then I did another round of swimming lessons, during which three different coaches gave conflicting information on technical improvements to my front crawl.  Swimming got to be hard work again.  And then it got cold and snowy.  Followed by some winter burnout....

I haven't been to the pool in awhile.

Fortunately, I have just about 16 weeks to get from a comfortable 25 metres to a comfortable 250 metres. (PANIC!)  The plan?  Incremental increases in swim length sets, with a 1 to 2 minute break between sets, until I can swim for 8 minutes comfortably.

Weeks 1 - 3: Five sets of 50 metres
Weeks 4 to 9: Four sets of 75 meters
Weeks 10 - 12: Three sets of 100 meters
Week 13: Two sets of 125 meters
Week 14: Two sets of 150 meters
Week 15: Two sets of 175 meters
Week 16: Two sets of 200 meters

I'm only going to get to the pool once a week until after the St. Patrick's Day run.  (I plan to push myself, for sure, by I'd rather not puke and die at the Rec Centre.  It's so... public.)  If I'm still not swimming efficiently by then?  Well, I'll play the coach lottery (no hormonal/bored/arrogant/useless university students need apply), and hope that eight weeks of last-minute swimming lessons can get me to the finish line.

And if that doesn't work?  I'll show up and do my best.  

'Cause, really, that's all any of us can do.

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