I love romance…..I am a very romantic type person……when I can find time to be….Actually I think romance is a way of life….not just a one time type of thing….I think Italians really do romance right….Everything seems romantic in Italy…..the way they talk, the way they eat, even the way they walk…..Romance seems to be a way of life in Italy…..But can there be too much romance?

I think most of us think of romance as dating…..I don’t really think romance is exclusive to dating….I do think it is a way of life….So as far as romancing life I never think there can be too much of a good thing….but when it comes to Dating I do think there can be too much of a good thing that can actually spoil a relationship……

Too much or too little romance can hinder how a romantic relationship (dating type situation) goes…..I think if the relationship has progressed beyond friendship then the relationship should have nice doses of romance on both people’s part. Romance makes the other person feel special…It is what sets it’s relationship apart from most others…..But too much romance can also make a person feel like they are being suffociated….They don’t have time to breath……Too much clinginess is not romantic….it is simply a turnoff to most people……I think in romantic dating relationships a certain amount of space is needed….time to dream about the other person….wonder about them in a good way……time to miss the other person……I always loved my time after a date when I was in the dating world….That time was special for me to reflect and dream about the person I was romantic about….

When I dated I was always romantic….and yet, I did it in the right amount of doses….I simply didn’t smother the person with too much of a good thing. Actually I let them miss me some…..that kept the fire going so to speak….I think healthy relationships that are romantic take time to miss each other…..take time to dream about each other…..and switch back and forth between friendship and romance….in order to appreciate both….

Yes, I think too much romance can be a deterrent to a relationship….and yet I think romance is wonderful…Or perhaps Mae West was right when she said “TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING IS……WONDERFUL…..”



I am not predicting anything either way about the world….I simply don’t know…..I do not know if the world is coming to an end like many say it is nor do I know if the world will keep on spinning….That is simply something that is way out of my intellegence……I did always grow up with the Biblical understanding that “Only God knows….” And truly I live my life like that…..I also grew up with how  we were living in the “last days” according to how many interpret the Bible……I simply cannot say….Everyone has their own opinion….

I can tell you this….I am too busy living a full life rather than worring about if this is “it” or the “last days…” It may or may not be…..but I feel that is up to God not me….Yes, perhaps there are signs for us to get “prepared…” but truly there is only so much preparation we can do anyhow if it is true….So for me, I simply am going about my life in hopes that tomorrow I will wake up to another bright sunshiny day……

As said, since as far back as I can remember I remember people predicting the end of time…..It seemed to always get moved up a year or two when the prediction time came and went…..Were they just off? Or where they totally off? Or could they be right? I simply do not know…..Once again….God put me here to live life fully and to discover and complete my Divine Assignments and so for that reason that is what I am doing….To be busy worried about the end of the world coming will take my focus off of all that I can be achieving….

I do believe that there is a lot going on in the world and I do respect the Biblical Scholars that are talking "Last Days..." I think being prepared for anything in life is likely a good idea in many situations....Could it be the end of time? Maybe....Maybe Not....I am as prepared either way as reasonably as one can prepare....but my focus is on Today....and making the very most of my life today while planning for tomorrow....If tomorrow would not come as planned then I am ready Spritually.....but my plan is to plan for many days to come whle cherishing today...

I believe in living a very full life….A life that makes me happy and a life that I can help and share with others…..After all, sitting waiting for the end of time as we know it….simply seems like a waste of time to me…..I would prefer being out there making things happen as if time was going to last forever……



CURIOSITY….Is it a good thing? I often hear that “curiosity is a good thing” and yet I wonder. I also have heard the expression “Curiosity killed the cat….” And I think both may have some truth to them…..I think we are all curious in life….I think that curiosity can be a good thing when we use it to seek out new good things….I also think it can be a bad thing when we use it in ways that really are not going to lead to anywhere good…

Sometimes I get the urge to look up people from my past via social media….Normally I can never find who I am looking for anyhow….but somehow out of my amazement many of them find me and seek me out. I think I am easy to find via social media and so people simply look me up out of curiosity…….

What I have found is that when I go digging into the past more often than not I find that those doors closed for good reasons years back…..even when I didn’t realize why they were closing….Often my curiosity has led to me finding out about people that I would have preferred to keep good memories of….That their lives didn’t necessarily change for the better……Sure, a few I have been in touch with and found out some really good things….but for the most part not….

 You know, I sort of have mixed feelings about “digging up the past…” Often it can be a fun thing sitting up late at night just surfing the  "net" thinking about times gone by and how people are doing…..I am just as guilty of wondering how people I met along life’s journey are doing….and sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me….

I think many of the friends who I thought were the ones to succeed the most turned out with really mixed up lives…..On the other hand some of the ones who I thought wouldn’t go far actually did quite well…..I have heard about births, marriages, divorces, deaths, remarriages, affairs, and pretty much most topics from these old friends….Some of it I think I truly wish I had not heard….perhaps I wanted to simply delude myself that everyone lived happily ever after….and due to the easieness of the virtual world I have found out that is not true…..Perhaps “Happily Ever After” is part illusion….I am not sure….I hope to think most people get to find it at some point…



So often people think that the only casuality in a divorce is the marriage itself….the couple…..but the truth is a divorce affects a lot more than just the couple themselves….It truly has a ripple affect that I think most people truly are not aware of or prepared for…….The Fallout of Divorce….

Divorce is almost always met with raw emotions. I personally have never seen a truly happy divorce although some will profess that they had one….I truly wonder if they did….If they did I imagine they had no kids, no in-laws, separate bank accounts from the beginnings, and no mutual property together…..Simply because most divorces extend way beyond just the emotions themselves….

When a couple divorces most of the time so do those we became closest with….the in-laws and close friends. Many close friends simply do not want to be a part of the divorce mess or taking sides. Often people simply want to distance themselves for fear it will happen to them if they stay close….The in-laws do take sides….it is almost unavoidable….They most often take the side of the person they are related to….That is just the way it is…..

The children get caught in the middle of all this confusion….and it really rocks their world….and it doesn’t rock their world in a good way…..The fallout it causes children goes on long after the divorce….Especially if new marriages or dating is involved for the parents….They are now seeing new partners, husbands/wives, and perhaps new step siblings….It is all too much for young minds to often handle….

There are times that divorce is the best solution, but I think in most cases it is not….In most cases I think many people regret the divorce and all that led up to it….They wished they could have changed the things that led up to it and kept that wonderful union together….

Yes, there are some marriages that should divorce....but those are more the exception than the rule....Most marriages simply need a touch up or an ovrhaul to get them back on the road they were once on....

There are no full proof marriages….All marriages take work and lots of consideration, forgiveness, as well as give and take…..Making a marriage work takes work…That is the way it is….but the option is not usually something most want to consider…the option of divorce….

Divorce is a sad time, the fallout as well lingers on for a very long time……Taking the time to make a marriage work can be the best way to go…

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