Tips now to keep your brain later

5 years ago

I ran across this piece, "How to Save Your Brain" in Psychology Today. Most of it focuses on nutrition, which is good, considering neurologists now believe that dementia is most affected by lifestyle (vs. genes). 

Here are some of the highlights from this:

1. More than 45% of Americans think there's an effective treatment for Alzheimer's. While there's no cure, we've seen great progress in understanding the disease. We've also seen older Americans undergo cognitive skills training (a.k.a. brain training) with incredible improvements to things like memory and processing speed. Brain training has also worked on improving the cognitive skills of stroke victims and seniors suffering from an illness or injury that has affected their brain.

2. Alzheimer's is linked to obesity and heart disease.

3. 99% of Alzheimer's cases occur spontaneously, not due to genetics.

4. Aging weakens our ability to fight off free radicals. That's why we need antioxidants, like those found in colorful fruits and veggies, and turmeric, thyme, oregano and rosemary.

5. In India, where people eat tons of curry, the incidence of Alzheimer's is 1/6 of the U.S.

6. Caffeine from coffee or tea actual does make you more functional in the morning, and they contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories (i.e. "flavonoids").

7. Coffee drinkers who consume 5 or more cups a day are 85% less likely to develop Parkinson's.

8. Men who eat (dark) chocolate regularly tend to live longer than men who don't.



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