the time I identified with a pigeon

5 years ago

Sometimes, I'm not entirely convinced that all kids' books are written for kids. Due to my job, I come across new (or new-to-me) children's literature all the time. Like today. Today I read this book (one of many in the very-excellent "Pigeon" franchise by Mo Willems) and to say it spoke to my hard little heart would be an understatement. To say that I found myself identifying with the pigeon...yeah, understatement.

I would tell you about it, but who wants to waste time describing a mostly-picture book? Therefore I took the liberty to snap phone-pictures of my favorite pages so that you can get the full experience. Hopefully this isn't illegal or breaking any book copyright laws. For the record, this is less than half of the book, and I'm not telling you how it ends, so you need to go read it for yourself.

(In case you've never read any books about our friend Pigeon, here's what you need to know: He always wants something he can't have. Sometimes it's to drive a bus, sometimes it's to eat a hotdog, sometimes it's to get a puppy...but whatever it is he wants, he REALLY REALLY wants it and has LOTS of convincing reasons why he should get it.)

So this story starts with a new friend, Duckling, asking an unseen force for a cookie...

...which he immediately receives.

But then our trusty hero the Pigeon arrives, and he's a little curious about how Duckling got such a tasty treat.

Pigeon very quickly loses his ever-loving mind. What??! The stupid duckling got a cookie just because he asked for it???

Naturally, this reminds Pigeon of the zillions of times in life he has asked for something-- AND NOT RECEIVED IT. So he starts ranting.

Pages like this make me think that if Pigeon was a blogger (or a real person), we'd be BFF.

Bitter much, Pigeon?

It sure isn't, bro. NOT FAIR AT ALL.

Pigeon, I ask myself this question EVERY FREAKING DAY. Why did YOU get that cookie?!??!?!?!

Except I'm not (usually) talking about cookies.

And so this is how I came to find myself shedding a little tear and raising a fist of solidarity to salute my pigeon-bro today. Even though real pigeons are my sworn enemies. I'm not above making a hate-exception for a fictional bird so deserving.

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