Three Pounds Gained?

4 years ago

Today was weigh in day.  Perhaps I forgot which scale I was supposed to use because the one I used clearly said I was three pounds more than last week.  I did not enter this new information into MyFitnessPal.  Instead I weighed myself on the other scale which showed I'd only gained one pound.  I didn't enter that information either.

I'm not actually upset or even concerned.  Last week I really did a good job with eating and I could feel myself feeling better.  The weekend had its indulgences and, though I ate lots of pizza and beer and cake, I think the extra weight is probably a lot of harbored water from all the extra salt I took in.  At least this is what I'm telling myself and also what kinda makes the most sense.

On Saturday, I began the day with a run.  I think I went almost three miles at zero fahrenheit. It was cold.  For the first mile I wondered why the heck I was doing it and considered going back home because I wasn't running fast enough to really burn off any great quanitity of calories - certainly nothing that would balance out my dinner plans that night.

But I stuck with it and really it was all okay.  My running clothes were perfect for that temperature and I was glad I spent some money last time I was in the big city to pick up a smart wool hoodie and a light wind proof shell.  I wasn't warm, but I wasn't every freezing and I never got too hot.  My clothes worked and I'll wear the exact same thing in the community 5K coming up in a week or two.

Sunday was supposed to be my Jillian day, but I ditched it.  Instead we gathered up the kids in an attempt to take them for a ski.  The weather had warmed up to a balmy 11 and we thought the wind had died down.  It hadn't.  It was breezy cold.  Our kids don't ski.  They shuffle for a few minutes and then proclaim they're done so ultimately we went for a ten minute walk. It was a good time for our dog.  

We then went to friend's house and ate pancakes and I ate quite a lot of pancakes and they were wonderfully delicious, but what happened after is what I think is interesting....

We got back home and my head just felt foggy and tired so I decided I'd try to nap with the kids.  Napping was a bust because my kids weren't falling asleep so after an hour of hanging out under my own covers, I started to get up and discovered I couldn't straighten my leg - at all!

I hadn't done anything strenuous, but what I had done was eat lots of pancakes and I've always been able to recognize that pancakes give me foggy head.  I wonder if the pancakes gave me foggy knee - maybe triggered a bit more inflammation in that area which of course builds on itself and makes things worse.

I have no real idea, but I also know that I did not sleep well Saturday night after my night of pizza, nor last night after another night of decadence.  My leg is still quite crazy weird today - enough so that even after taking ibuprofen I was thinking I might make a doc appointment.

My friend is doing the paleo30 challenge and I have to say that her process is really making me wonder how much of a role my diet plays in my health.  Obviously a lot, but perhaps quite a bit more than I realize.  And quite a bit more than I want to realize.

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