Things I Am Learning During My Second Pregnancy

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I’m a little overdue in sharing this but you have read the headline correctly, I am expecting a baby boy, and he is due on 8/12/14! Tomorrow makes 23 weeks for me so I am already over the half way point. Other than some nasty bouts with morning sickness and growing pains, the baby is developing perfectly.

Baby Announcement

As most of you know, I have a 7-year old daughter, and she is super excited about becoming a BIG sister. I’m delighted that I will now have a pair (1 girl & 1 boy). I’ll admit that I am concerned about having a house full of Leo’s (me and both children) but I am hoping that the new boy will balance things out because right now we are on estrogen overload – even in my extended family.

Recently, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on the differences between this pregnancy and my last, and I’d like to share some of my own advice with you:

1) Every Pregnancy Is Different

Having a baby in your 20′s vs your 30′s is like night and day. I was 23 when I had my daughter and other than the actual labor, my pregnancy was a breeze. I had very little morning sickness, my hair became thick and shiny, and my skin was flawless. Now at 31, this pregnancy has been the complete opposite. I puked everyday for 10 weeks straight, my hair is falling out in clumps, and with the exception of my face – I’ve had acne breakouts everywhere. I’ve also had more discomfort in my lower back, abdomen and pelvic areas which my OB has called just typical “growing pains”. Feels more like a tug of war going on down there. Ugh. Evidently I must be hiding my suffering well because I do get a lot of compliments on the glow in my face and on how well I’m carrying despite me really feeling like a whale.

2) Old Wives Tales Are a Load of Crap

Many of the old wives tales prey on the desperation of parents to know the gender of their baby early on. If you’ve read or heard via word of mouth some of these ridiculous suggestions, most of them are just quite silly. In fact, none of them were accurate in predicting the gender for my children. With my daughter, the most accurate premonition was a dream that I had around 7 months pregnant. In the dream, there was a slender girl with sandy brown hair and light eyes. The scary thing is that the little girl that I envisioned is exactly who she is today. I say go with your gut but if you’re not a dreamer, wait until your OB can accurately tell you for sure – that is, if you’d like to know. Kudos to those of you who crave the element of surprise and would like to wait until delivery today to find out. I’m not that brave but it’s all a personal choice.

3) It’s Perfectly Fine to Throw A Baby Shower For Your 2nd Child (and beyond)

I’m not sure who came up with the “one baby shower per family” rule but more and more I am seeing multiple celebrations, and fittingly so. Why shouldn’t each baby be celebrated?? Now, if you’re children are close in age you may want to consider having a “baby sprinkle” and suggest that guest just bring the essentials. However, if there is a large gap in age and/or children of different genders, it is perfectly acceptable to have another big bash. Also, if you don’t have anyone to volunteer to host for you, host your own! At least that way you will have a chance to plan it just the way that you’d like. Don’t worry about it looking tacky because remember that baby showers are not all about receiving and giving gifts, but more so about celebrating a new life on the way and wishing the parents to be well.

4) Plan Early

On my second go around, I now know how important (and what a relief) it is to plan ahead. Typically you want to have your baby registry finalized about 1 month before the actual event which is when the invitations should go out. I’m opting to have my shower about 2 months before I am due that way we’ll still have some time to save and purchase items that we need before baby arrives. You’ll also want to have your birthing plan, a pediatrician, and childcare (if needed) selected about 1-2 months before baby arrives too. With these things out of the way, you should be able to relax the last month of pregnancy in anticipation of the big day.

TIP:  I have found Pinterest to be a HUGE resource in finding products and ideas for baby. Feel free to check out my registry and nursery idea boards HERE for ideas.

5) Make the Most of Your Pregnancy

40 weeks seems like a lifetime but it actually goes by very quickly, especially once you hit the half way mark. With that said, remember to enjoy this amazing time. Consider documenting your belly growth. On days when you don’t feel too pretty (there will be many lol), take some time to pamper yourself. You can do this by treating yourself to a massage, pedicure, or day at the beach to name a few activities.  Most importantly, if you have outside factors causing stress – remove them ASAP! It’s not healthy for you or baby. Some moms-to-be may find themselves in a situation where your family or the other parent is not as supportive as you’d like – don’t worry over it. Seek out close friends, other moms and local support groups who will provide you with the love and care that you need. You are never alone and you deserve to be nothing short of happy during this time.

Babies are a blessing no matter the situation, so be grateful for your gift and treat your body right.

By the way, I have a name picked out for my little one, but I’ll share that later :-)

Anyone else out there expecting? Are you also a second+ time mom? What other tips would you add?

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