Sugar Free Candy - a minute on your lips, 2 days on the toilet.

8 years ago
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Seriously, sugar free candy is the devil.  I am a typical woman, in that I would be pretty happy if I could drop a few pounds, but I looove candy.  I was wondering around the grocery store recently and resisted the urge to buy that huge bag of chocolate that was on sale, and instead bought a nice bag of sugar free hard candy.  I was pretty happy with them because they tasted really great and I popped them like, well like candy.  I ate about 15 glorious 8 calorie pieces throughout the day, which actually made me pretty satisfied throughout the day. 

The next morning, my tummy was a little upset, but I didn’t really think much of it until around lunchtime when my tummy started making that insanely loud gggrrrooooowwwlllll when you can actually feel your whole body shake.  It kept rumbling, and I had to haul to the ladies so I wouldn’t poo myself. 

For two days, TWO DAYS, my tummy wasn’t right.  I had stomach cramps so bad that I had to go to the emergency room because I thought I was dying from food poisoning.  On the back of the bag it reads “Excessive consumption may have a slight laxative effect.”

Excessive my butt… literally…

I did lose 2 lbs over those 2 days, though.  I wouldn’t recommend it as a way to lose weight, because it really was terrible, and I couldn’t leave the house because I had to stay near a bathroom…

Sorry if you didn't want to read a story about my bathroom visits... just felt the need to share.