I believe that most people are STUCK in life…..Stuck in places that look “pretty” but are not truly happy….They have built their LIFE HOUSE in a LAND CALLED STUCK…..Often people follow a life plan that looks right but instinctually they know is not right…..or somewhere along the line they got off the path they were meant to be on and detoured somewhere else….often to a place that they feel safe at…predictable….thinking that that is the right place for them….when indeed it is the Land Called Stuck…..and they simply begin to build there….their pretty little house….

The problem with the land called stuck is that nothing really flows into a bigger picture…..Yes, things can be predictable and safe and yet it is a place that people meet up with unhappiness…..dissatisfaction…..the feeling of truly being stuck and not knowing where to go in life…..They placed their selves where their minds told them  was best, but refused to balance their decisions with their SOUL'S input….For our Souls and minds working in harmony will put us where we need to be in life….

When one is within their Divine Assignments they may be doing the same things over year in a year out but there will be a happiness and joy attached to it because they know they are in the right place….They are not stuck because they are achieving step by step what is meant for their higher purpose here…..Those who are not within where their Spirit would have led them to be are building what they feel looks like a nice life house in a place they are not meant to be….They keep building, adding things, but they are not at peace and harmony…..for where they are is not where they truly are meant to be….Life tends to flow when we are where we are meant to be….and we will feel a JOY when we know that we are following the plan that was designed for us….

I believe sometimes we will get chaos and confusion around that pretty little house built in the Land called Stuck….Sort of warning signs that perhaps we are not in the right place to build our house….A house built in the wrong place will not provide one with the flow of opportunities that would have been provided for had they been in the Land of Milk and Honey (the right place)….

People who truly feel they are stuck in life need to take a look to see if things are not flowing because they have built their life in the wrong place or have stayed too long where they no longer should be….Life does have seasons and sometimes where we first were meant to be in life has changed and we are meant to move on for the FLOW to begin again in our lives….Recognizing where we are meant to build our Pretty Little house is key to achieving our Divine Assignments and ultimately our happiness…



We all have fears….The “What If’s….” Some people spend their whole lives building their fortress around themselves to protect them from what they fear…..Yes, there are real realistic fears that we should listen to. Fear is a positive emotion when used right….but most people do not use fear right and fear for most people is simply way out of alignment….

I look at fear as a good thing because when used right and for the purpose it was created is sort of like a warning bell that lets us know there is danger ahead and to find ways to navigate away or around it…..When fear gets out of alignment is when we begin to have irrational fears or to live in fears that take over our lives…Irrational fears is Fear that is not any longer used to protect us and get us to that next higher level….Instead fear is being used to stop us and put our lives into hiding…..or as I like to say “peeping out the window of life without going outside to feel the sunshine and fresh air….” Irrational fears stop our lives….they totally hold us back….

Putting our faith in God is such an important part of releasing the negative aspects of fear…..Knowing that we are doing everything right in our lives and making right decisions to the best of our ability frees us to turn the rest over to GOD that we cannot control? We cannot control everything in life….although we would like to think we can….Yes, we are responsible for doing what we can and should….and yet there are things that we simply have zero or little control over…..Having faith in GOD frees us at that point to say “It is in God’s hands now….” At the point of having done our best…our true best….is when I believe GOD takes over….

When things do happen that we simply could not prevent we have to simply put our faith in GOD that it is working out as it should even though we may not understand….This perspective frees us from the responsibility that is not ours (trying to control what we are unable to control)….and it also frees us from the outcome of something we cannot control…..We have to believe as the saying goes that although we may not understand it all “ALL THINGS ARE WORKING FOR GOOD….” Or that all things are working at A Higher Purpose than we can fully comprehend…..Our Souls often understand what our minds cannot comprehend…..Trusting God through our Soul will allow us the peace we need during difficult times….Trusting the mind exclusively will not give us the peace we seek for we will be busy trying to understand what only the Soul can understand….Somethings are simply too big for the Mind….

We were not put here on Earth to understand everything. Yes, Knowledge is wealth and a gift….and yet, God did not put us here to understand everything….Those who try to understand everything meet up with failure…..Only God understands everything and we must be at peace with that…..the not knowing part….

Most fears do not come to pass…..Many fears can be avoided when we face what they are rather than allowing them to live in the shadows of our minds…..Fears often come when we are out of our Divine Assignment because we know we are not in alignment in our lives and I believe when we are out of alignment we may not have the same natural Divine Protection that we would when we are within our assignment…

Trusting GOD and being in our Divine Assignments will not take away life’s problems, but it will provide a peace in knowing that when we are doing our very best that GOD takes over……That all things have order within a Divine Assignment and that our fears can be used for a good purpose, but the irrational ones have no place in a life of harmony…. Irrational Fear often comes in a life that is out of alignment...Healthy fears can come in a life that is in alignment to protect us....

Many people struggle with fears…….Faith in a Divine Hand in our lives is key to living what I call a life lived in JOY….I love the saying “LET GO AND LET GOD……” for when we are within where we are meant to be in life God takes over what we ourselves do not understand or cannot make happen….Let Go and Let God….




When we are in the right places in our lives I believe the RIGHT people who are designed for the purposes we need will enter our lives to help us in whatever ways we need….People enter our lives to connect us like bridges do from one place to the other…..We can be a bridge or an Earthly Angel for someone or they for us….They may only be in our lives a moment or a lifetime or something in between…..When we are where we are meant to be in life people enter and leave as they are meant to….The Right Angels….although be it Earthly ones….in human form as we all are…

So what is a Substitute Angel? When we are not in our Divine Assignment and we are  out of alignment in our lives with what we are meant to be doing….our life does not flow as it should….It is blocked and the people that are meant to be in our lives will not be there….because they are in the right places that we have not placed ourselves….A Substitute Angel will often enter in to help us out of a situation that may have even been self-created in some way because of our being in the wrong place….They are not the Earthly humans that were meant to be in our lives in the first place….but they have entered to help us out of our situations we put ourselves into…..

Substitute Angels are people that come into our lives simply to help us in some way…perhaps simply to guide us back to where we need to be….or perhaps simply to help us through a difficult time…..They usually leave our lives in some way when their mission is up…….They are temporary……

Think of life as being on right roads or wrong roads….Right roads will have help from people that are truly meant to connect us to the right places in our lives…..Substitutes are people simply to help us to get back onto the right roads that we were meant to go in the first place…..

When we mess up in life I believe God will still send us help in the forms of Substitute Angels till we can get back to where we were meant to be in the first place…

A SOUL OUT OF ALIGNMENT……When Chaos Happens….

I believe that many problems that come about in people’s lives are simply because they have allowed their SOULS to get out of alignment from their Divine instructions……When people get out of their Divine Assignments and veer off onto life’s roads that are wrong they will ultimately become unhappy. Unhappiness is simply a life out of alignment….Unhappiness is like a warning bell telling us something is wrong in our lives and we must figure it out….turn back….or make a change….

When our Souls are listened to they have a natural GPS system installed into them. We head in the directions automatically that we know are right for us…..Our directions may be totally different than someone else’s as the inborn gifts we are graced with are all different…..We are likely to have a different assignment than someone else…but sometimes we join with another or others to fulfill an assignment…

When a Soul gets out of Alignment it is when it has repeatedly ignored it’s instructions…It shut the GPS off and would not listen and then kept going in it’s own direction ultimately to end up lost……Our Souls time and time again give us warning signals so we can navigate and stay on the right roads in life. This system often uses something called a “Conscience” or “intuition.” Turning off our Conscience will get us lost in life…..A healthy conscience is one that used properly will get us to where we need to go…..Of course some people have a conscience that is not healthy and any which way an unhealthy conscience can mess up the direction people are meant to go……Intuition is an inborn Soul guidance system when used with their mind in balance they are likely to stay in the right directions in life….

Often people will purposely try to delude themselves into a wrong direction because that is simply what they feel they want to do……A Soul becomes out of Alignment when it repeatedly refuses to listen to it’s internal GPS navigation system….and continues to head in a direction they instinctively know is wrong….Wrong roads do not lead to right places…..Wrong roads lead to wrong places…..Often the problems people meet up with was when they were on the wrong roads….Wrong roads ultimately lead to dead ends….where one is stuck and the road has ended in a place called stuck…..because the road was never meant to continue….but they would not listen….

A Soul out of Alignment will have fleeting moments of happiness….but it will not be consistent….For a Soul in Alignment is connected to JOY and JOY is what sustains true happiness…..Happiness in itself is things man creates….Joy is created by God….True Happiness sustained relies on joy when things are not always going right….A Joyful life is different than a happy life….although happiness and joy can go hand in hand and most often do…especially within a Soul that is in Alignment.. A Soul out of alignment will not find peace and harmony….A soul in alignment will find peace and harmony even when there is chaos around them….A Soul in Alignment is sort of like the PEACE in a Storm….

A Soul in Alignment and living out what they know to be right for their lives as guided by their Soul and balanced with mind and body is a key to living a Victorious life….One filled with peace and harmony…

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