A Strength Goal

5 years ago

As I ran along on the treadmill I watched a young man work out on the pull up bars.  He pulled up one way and then he pulled up the other way.  Then he did the thing where you rest your forearms, hold on to some handles and drop your body and pull it back up.  He made it all look so fun and easy.  He was also a rather simple regular looking fellow - no big beefy biceps or triceps or chesteps (I made that up).   He did not look like a regulary pumping iron gym goer and yet, I know, from all my mornings at the gym, that he is there doing some pretty intense stuff.

Nonetheless, I feel like I could identify with him.  He's not "built" or "buff".  He's a regular joe schmoe.

So after I finished my treadmill, I went over there and decided I'd try it out.  I could feel the muscles in my shoulders and back saying they'd love to be activated and used and stretch and pull up my body.

And I couldn't move an inch!  Not even a millimeter!  I just hung.  I tried facing the other way.  Still a no go.  I tried wider arms, narrower arms, counting to three, focussing, wishing, trying again.  All I got was sore hands.

Later I told my husband that I couldn't do a thing.  He smiled and said, "That figures".  What???!  I asked him to clarify and he said, while grabbing my upper arms, "You're biceps and triceps aren't very developed."

It's THAT obvious.  So obvious that my husband who doesn't really seem to notice things like that noticed.  And what the heck have I been doing all these months with Jillian??!!!

Well, granted - because of Jillian I can now do some mighty fine planks and hold my own in the yoga class without feeling out of place.  I can do push ups in the single digits and I can keep going without breaks, but I can't do a pull up for the life of me.

And then my husband said, "You know there's a machine to use that you pull down".

Yeah, yeah - I know there's that machine.  I don't like using it because it's no fun because I'm not terribly strong so I just conveniently ignore it.  Crap.  And then the lightbulb went off...If I can pull down my weight, well then maybe I'll be able to pull UP my weight.

So today I tried.  I started at 60 pounds.  Too heavy.  Dropped to 50.  Too easy.  Went back to 60 and focused.  Did two reps of ten and then did a rep at 70.  Ha!  Already almost half way there!!  

And this - just like the triathlon and the other things that got me up and training - is motivating.  

I went to yoga this evening again and enjoyed the stretching and focus for an hour.  I hate a larger dinner than I thought I would justifying that it was all homemade good stuff for me and since it was all vegetables and beans and healthy things, I should top it off with some ice cream.  Yeah - not my most solid thinking, but I did enjoy it all.

And now off to bed for a hopefully restful night so I can get up and go to the pool before the day starts.

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