Steps to Setting Attainable Goals in 2013!

2013 GoalsChanging your weight or body shape is the resolution made at New Years, but usually the proposed change that’s dropped is the workout. 

As we all know, most New Year’s resolutions are tabled within 6 months because it takes too much time, the people feel awkward, they don’t see instant results, and on and on.  The reasons stated are excuses but I believe that most exercise resolutions are stopped because unattainable goals are created.  When making your wish list, be kind to yourself.  Rather than making sweeping, far-reaching choices, narrow them down to 6 weeks, 3, 6, and 12 month resolutions.  These are some ideas to stay on track:

1.       Try working out with friends or a group class that motivates you and makes you feel accountable for showing up, like Boot Camp.

2.       Try a new type of class that challenges you.

3.       Keep it simple and don’t spend more money than you can budget for. A pair of running shoes and a flight of stairs don’t cost a lot, but can create a quality calorie burn.

4.       Take before pictures and chart your progress along the way.  Keep a start picture on the fridge to motivate you to stay on track.

5.       Evaluate whether you are an early morning exerciser or an evening exerciser.  I have a lot more energy in the early morning, so I work out before my children get up.  It starts my day with a buzz of energy and endorphins.  I feel less hungry and more focused when I complete morning workouts.

6.       Change your reps or weight regularly to keep your muscles guessing.

7.       Keep an exercise journal.  It will help you track your progress, and recognize if you are progressing over time as you hit your goals.

8.       Use a heart rate monitor to track your daily calorie burn.  See if these numbers improve over time.

9.       Use a pedometer to track how many steps you take every day.  You will find yourself taking the stairs instead of an escalator just to raise your daily count of steps!

10.   Read magazines, blogs, and internet articles for new ideas, and ways to keep your attitude fresh.

Regular exercise helps with muscle tone, weight-loss goals, reducing risk for heart disease, and some kinds of cancer, diabetes, and keeping balance and flexibility as you age.  Keep in touch here at Paula’s Healthy Living so that we can motivate each other and look to one-another for support.

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