Steps To Follow On HIV Tests

4 months ago
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Undergoing an HIV test can be an overwhelming experience for many people. Because of the social stigma associated with this disease, a test is an emotionally disturbing experience. Depending on their mental strengths and levels of trust, people can experience a wide range of emotions such as depression, frustration, fear, anger, hopelessness, despair, panic or even denial to accept the truth about their status.

Therefore, just before the test is performed, the person must be given psychological counseling, also called Pre-Test Counseling, to strengthen him or her and enable him or her to fully test the test, no matter what result can be.

Pre-test counseling is very important to control emotional trauma and fear of the imminent dangers and consequences associated with the positive outcome of a test.

If the person appears to be HIV negative, the person can be sent away after consulting certain preventive measures for the future. However, if the person appears to be HIV positive, the person should only be told after another round of psychological counseling, "Post-Test Counseling."

The purpose of post-test counseling is to facilitate the care and stress in the mind of the patient and to support him or her emotionally when their status is announced to them. The counseling is needed to prevent the HIV-suicide related deaths tendencies in the patient and to keep emotions in control. The counselor should try the situation positively and stress that it is good that the patient has learned early on his positive status because it facilitates treatment and allows him or her to treat the future complications associated with this disease better. . The counselor would also help the individual to regain his trust, giving determination to live better on his relic. works as a comprehensive source of information on HIV/AIDS pandemic. It offers knowledge and comprehensive news reports from all over the world made possible by a network of global collaborations. 

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