I don’t know about you, but for me I am always entering new fresh territory in life. Whether it is a new job, church, friendhship group, or something full of new people and faces……Brand new fresh start…..or so it most often seems….

Whenever we step into someplace new and unfamiliar it can very much be an exciting time… It can also be a time of uncertainty….We meet new people and those people have a history….sometimes together…and sometimes what they are simply bringing to the “table….” We also have a history…Our views on life is part of that history…Our own personalities….our likes and dislikes included…

The thing when we enter new situations is we really don’t know much about the people we often automatically like and trust….Should we just automatically give trust to people we have just met? Should we automatically call them “friends…” Should we automatically even truly like them without knowing them first….?

I believe in going into any situation believing the best about people….while also being alert to the worst….We simply don’t know people and what they are about….Just because someone is educated and has a degree behind their name doesn’t make them any more trustworthy or nice than the person who has no education behind them….People are people….and have all sorts of personalities…

When going into any new situation I walk lightly….I observe….I size up the situation….I take my time….People's true personalities often do not  come out until some time has passed…..Time for us to get to know who is who is important…..I simply ease my way into any new situation remaining hopeful and yet cautious…….

Life is filled with new beginnings and in my opinion the best new beginnings are done slowly……getting to know people over time before truly calling them a “best friend….”

Most people are pretty good and have good intentions....and yet it is still wise in my opinion in taking time to get to know about a person......especially in brand new situations....



Growing up I knew so many “nosey people.” These were people who simply wanted to know everyone’s business…..Nosey people come in all shapes and sizes and simply know no boundaries of what is not their business….Nosey people will go to great lengths to discover and unearth the least bit of gossip they can find. They love and thrive on gossip…

Nosey people are simply everywhere….From the jobs we work on to the churches we go to…Nosey people can come  in the form of relatives, friends, co-workers….They come from everywhere…….Nosey people have made it an art form to dig out the latest gossip so they have something to entertain their friends with…..Gossip is simply an unintelligent mans form of entertainment…

I often heard “If you have something bad to say about somebody….come sit next to me”…That may sound funny but that is so true how some people are….They simply want the latest scoop of gossip….Nosey people…yep…they are everywhere…..

In my opinion the best way to deal with nosey people is to simply ignore them. When that doesn’t work I floor them with something really positive about the person they want to find the dirt on……That gets them everytime….I think most nosey people don’t find me very fun at all….I think they figure I won’t play their charades so they simply move on to someone who will…

I simply don’t give my time any which way to nosey people……and I am sure they love to talk about me….That is fine….for I am busy living and building the life of my dreams while they are busy watching everyone else’s….


I grew up with the term “Willy Whiner” which basically meant a person who complained all the time….I simply have always had a difficult time handling whiners…..Not people who truly have issues and need a listening ear. I am more than happy to listen to someone sincerely trying to solve an issue….I am talking about people who simply make it a lifestyle to complain….They complain about everything in life….

I would go to group with a group of women we called “The Lipstick Club…” It was our luncheon group out years back. I penned it that name because we were always putting our lipstick on at the same time after we ate lunch. Anyhow there was this one woman who joined into our little group….She could be called “Whilimena Whiner” as she whined about everything and anything.. I dreaded each time she came to the luncheon…..She would complain about the food, the tables, the atomosphere, the restaurant….She even complained about people and things that were not there….She simply complained about everything….

Finally one day I simply turned to her and I said that her whining simply drove me nuts and if she was going to keep coming to the group and whining I would not sit near her……..I felt bad for hurting her feelings and truly she did not come back to the group…..I am not sure if she changed her whining ways…likely not….but it did make her aware of it……If there was garbage near my table it would have stunk….but whining stinks in the same way….It ruins everything around it…..

None of us like to be confrontational about stuff…at least not most of us…I sure don’t…but there are times simply when one has had enough….I being a positive person simply did not want to take what was meant to be an enjoyable time and let someone turn it into a downer…..

Our Lipstick Club went on for a very long time….and we truly enjoyed it….I heard rumor that my calling the whiner on the carpet so to speak kept all the women in line for future lunches. No one gossiped and no one whined…..Sometimes we simply have to speak up…




When closing a door on a relationship,  a situation, or almost anything else it is always best done when we can do it in a way that is kind and polite…..It is not always possible, but most of the times it can be done politely…..There are times that we do not want to close the door all the way….leaving it open for a possible someday return…..So the way we close a door in life is very important…
I always say “leave something better than when you entered….” And I believe that….We want to leave something better than when we started it if we can……That is not always possible, but most of the time it is…..I believe sometimes we should shut a door completely, because leaving it open allows perhaps what we don’t want to trickle back in….Some doors have life long connections and cannot be entirely shut….Other doors we simply want to leave slightly open for possible returns….Not all doors have to be shut all the way….Some do….Discernment is key….

Life is often about closing doors in order to open new ones….Sometimes we even have to have a VOID in our lives for awhile before a new one is ready to open….Sometimes we simply go from one door into another….Life is filled with doors….but it is always nice when we can leave where we have been on a very good note…

I like the saying “LEAVE ON A GOOD NOTE….or leave quietly……”




So often when we close a door we want to immediately open a new door rather than wait for the right door….Often people step out of one situation into another that they truly did not think too clearly on…Stepping out of a situation that we wanted to step out of and into another one for fear of not having something to go to can often be the wrong thing…..What we step into next we want to be right….

Sometimes we have to have a VOID in life first before something great will manifest itself in our lives….If we fill our lives up with what we don’t want or what is mediocre we will often be dissatified rather quickly starting the whole process over….It is important to know what we are stepping into first before stepping into it…..

Life is about stepping out of and stepping into…..Allowing a void or space  to be in our lives for awhile can often be a good thing before making a decision to step into something new….It often gives us time to sort through where we have been and truly know where we want to go….If we rush the process of stepping out of something and stepping right into something we can often mess up…

Take the time to discover what you are stepping into….



Sometimes our feelings can get hurt over the silliest things….but they don’t’ seem so silly to us at the time….And yet, getting offended at things slows us down….Some things of course are offensive, but most things we should simply become like the NON-STICK PAN letting it to simply slide off of us as fast as it came on…..

The more we allow things to roll right off of us the faster and better we can move on….Some people live their lives being offended and they become stuck in life with a whole bunch of suitcases of offenses they hang on to that weights them down….Consider being like a non-stick pan and letting things slide right off of you…



If you could create a brand new you or an updated version of yourself what qualities would it have?…..Sometimes updating ourselves, shining ourselves up, or becoming a “brand new me” can be a great thing to do…

Some people get stuck in time….They get stuck in a rut….They build up habits that overtime simply trap them into situations they don’t want to be….Day in and day out habits that overtime create our lives to be anything but happy….Sometimes we simply need a “Do Over….”

Look at what a Do Over or a Brand New You or simply a Refreshed You would look like….We all need to shine ourselves up from time to time….and it is amazing what a few changes in habits can do for our lives….



Some people simply keep putting off their life….putting off all the things that will bring a happiness into their lives….They wait to change their habits, relationships, jobs, or anything else….Sometimes we simply have to start with a new plan today and begin to build towards our dreams…

Dreams most often do not happen overnight. Most dreams take time….Take planning….Take effort….Take work….Some dreams take years to completion….But the best time to start is today….Often when we put one foot forward the next foot will move forward as well….and before we know it we are running towards our dreams…



We have to stay on top of things in our lives especially our decisions…..Taking one wrong turn in life can set a person’s life into a downward spiral….That is why it is so important we pay close attention to our LIFE MAP to make sure we avoid wrong turns in life…
If we do make a wrong turn whether intentional or unintentional it is important to get right back on the right road no matter how long it takes….as the wrong road will not lead to right places…..Getting back on the right roads in life will lead to the right places.

Some people have been on the wrong roads for so long that they don’t have a clue how to get back to the right road….It simply takes acknowledgement of being on the wrong road and coming up with a good plan that gets them back on the right roads towards the right directions no matter how long it takes….Sometimes it takes longer to get back….but it is well worth it….

One wrong turn can lead to the wrong place….but ONE RIGHT TURN can lead to a person’s dreams they hold in their hearts….Take that RIGHT TURN…



Simply put…One RIGHT PERSON can totally change our lives….Having someone who is willing to take us under their wing and teach us can save us years of having to learn on our own….Sure we have to learn our own things in life and yet often we can learn from those who are willing to take  the time and teach us all that they know…

I have had great mentors in life…..Special people who seemed so wise in some areas and I simply wanted to soak up all that they knew….I made time for them….and I was so grateful for the time they gave me freely…..They seemed to enjoy teaching me….and I so enjoyed learning.

A great mentor can spare us from making a lot of mistakes that they may have made….simply by listening to their wisdom….Finding a great mentor doesn’t come around everyday….but when it does….I always grab that time with them and cherish it and truly learn from it….

At some point we will be a mentor to someone else and teach all that we have learned….Not all people should be our mentors and we should not be a mentor to all people….Access to a great mentor is a blessing and so for someone to have that access to us is a gift we give to them.....



I truly think most people have their priorities mixed up…..Most people today put the cart before the horse so to speak….Many if not most people are putting total strangers before their own families……What happened to the days when people put FAMILY FIRST?

I truly believe our families are the most important part of our lives….Perfect or Imperfect it doesn’t matter they are our family……Families come in all shapes and sizes….whether it is a family you were born into or a family that you created along the way… whatever way you created it….It simply doesn’t matter…..What matters are the people we call “Family…” Those people in my opinion should get the top quality of our time….not someone who really doesn’t hold a place of significance in our lives…

For me, my family is number one…I would not want to spend my time with anyone else…..Sure there are lots of people that mean a lot to me and that I care about…..but my family comes first…..They are my Divine Assignment….I build my life around them….Yes, I have separate interests aside from them to keep myself a separate individual….and yet…they are my main part of my life….They are where my main focus goes to….My Family…

Families today are mostly a mess. Parents both working to buy more “things” to give to their kids, when in reality the kids would love to have their parent’s time…..Family sit down dinners are almost a thing of the past……Most families eat on the run now a days…...In most homes there is no prayer time, game time, or getting together time…It is all like Ships in Passing…..To me that is not giving one’s best to one’s family.

Often people say “My family doesn’t want to do anything together….” That is most likely because they have gotten so used to life being out of balance they no longer know what a balanced life is…..A Harmonious family needs each other….They need balance time…Time to spend with each other….Whether it is at dinner time, taking a walk, playing board games, or just simply getting together and having some relax time talking……Some of the best conversations can occur while taking a simple walk together….

Many families avoid each other because their family in their minds are not “perfect…” Families always will have problems and issues….That is part of being in a family. That is life….We simply work through each problem as they come……If your family has problems you are not alone. Every family has issues….but that is likely no excuse for finding ways to make your family better.

Bringing back family time may take some effort. Others may resist in the beginning…..Others may be skeptical….Others may simply have too many other things on their plate now that family time has not existed for a while….It may take a while to reestablish a new way of being in your family….That is OK…..Your family is worth the time and investment it takes…..after all they are your FAMILY…Our families should be the most precious aspect to our lives…..


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